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10 Things EVERY Car Guy Does

Fitment Industries Author | | September 23rd, 2018 |

  • - [Red Head Guy] Later guys.
    - [Man] See you later man.
    (people chattering)
    - [Everyone] Whoa!
    - It's supposed to do that.
    (whimsical music)
    (engine starts)
    (engine stutters)
    - Whoa!
    - That's supposed to happen.
    (whimsical music)
    (laptop keys clicking)
    - [Girl] What're you doing?
    - [Bearded Guy] No, it's not what it looks like. You are looking at car parts. You have a problem.
    (car roaring)
    (car skidding)
    - [Black Cap Guy] Oh yeah, here we go.
    Nice and open, away from everything.
    (whimsical music)
    - Damn!
    (horn honking)
    - [Disheveled Guy] Hold on, I have a question.
    - [Drive-Through Worker] Yeah?
    - Would you go on a date with me?
    - No.
    Oh, yikes. But I have a Scion TC, like come on.
    - No, no.
    - Nope, no way? Alright, love you.
    (spray bottle squirts)
    - [Guy] Hm, the thing about this is wrong.
    The inside is dirty.
    - Bet you didn't think I'd see ya here.
    Oh my God, I can't believe this. This is an absolute freaking mess.
    (whimsical music)
    - [Black Cap Guy] Hey, yo, yo! Can you take a picture for me real quick?
    - [Bearded Black Cap Guy] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    - Hell yeah.
    Just make sure that it looks like super candid.
    - Feel like I'm not trying.
    - Alright, gotchya.
    - I'll walk to the right a little bit.
    - Alright, alright.
    - Heel up, heel up.
    (camera snaps)
    - Hell yeah.
    - [Spiked Hair Guy] Hey, I hope you don't mind me waiting in here. (smack)
    - But next year I was thinking about ditching my spacers and like try to run a 12 wide in the rear.
    - [Glasses Guy] You see, next year, I was thinking that I was gonna actually ditch the rotors and go with real wheels.
    - Oh for sure.
    - And I just don't, I just don't understand, why people think you could possibly do that.
    - It really doesn't make any sense to me.
    - No way that you can do it.
    - Hold it.
    - That's a 2000 what? WRX?
    - 2015, yeah.
    - [Clean Shaven Guy] And the number one thing, every single car guy does in the history of the world,
    (smack) is add their car to the gallery.
    (whimsical music)