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10 Things EVERY Subaru Guy Does

Fitment Industries Author | | October 21st, 2018 |

  • - Ready to go?

    - Oh yeah.

    - Oh.

    - Oh, bro is this yours?
    - Yeah.
    - Oh, this thing is sick, bro.
    - Thanks bro.
    - Yo, quit playing do it.
    - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    - Yeah, yo yo.
    - It's cool.
    - This is sick, bro.
    - Thanks man.
    - What year is this?
    - It's a 2015.
    - Oh, my God.
    Yo, bro, come on give me, maybe, like a hug.
    - What the (beep)
    - Come on, like...
    Like, yeah.
    - Yeah.
    - Yo, hey, can you take a picture of me with your car?
    - I don't know man, I mean...
    - No?
    - [Driver] No.
    - I'll catch you, I'll catch you later.
    - [Driver] That ain't my car.
    - Hey, man I heard you got an Evo.
    - Yeah, yeah for sure.
    - Yeah? You got it here, wanna take some pictures of it?
    - Aw, dude, I would but it's in the shop.
    - I knew that.
    - Oh, (beep) yeah.
    - Ah!
    - Nice Subaru.
    - Hey man, you too.
    - Dude, Rally Armour Mudflaps?
    - Yeah.
    - No way.
    (giggles) Oh, my God.
    - No way.
    - Uh huh, yup, mm-hm.
    (car revving)
    - Oh bro, no way.
    (car revs)
    - You know, I was thinking about what you were talking about earlier, man, and it was so wrong. The bug eye WRX is the best looking WRX out there.
    - Dude, no, no, no, no.
    - No questions.
    - You cannot even argue.
    - The Hawkeye...
    (loud bickering)
    - No it is not, no it is not! Jesus, how do you think (mumbles)
    - What the (bleep).
    - Yo man, hey what are you doing right now?
    - Hey I am just adding some pictures of my car to the gallery.
    (high pitched exclamation)
    - Is that a WRX?
    - Yeah, that's my STI.
    - I mean I got a WRX myself and I mean I'll tell you what dude.
    - STI though right?
    - They're the same thing aren't they?
    - No, no, no.
    - Dude what are you talking about? All my friends in my car club, I've got an exhaust, I've got a stage two access port.
    - Yeah, but that's not an STI.
    - Right, I'll give you that, but like, here's the thing. They are like the same car, like,
    - But its not an STI.
    - You know what just, uh, I am going to go take pics of my WRX and I am out bro, I am out.
    - Alright, who wants to look at pictures of a WRX?
    - [WRX Driver] It's a WRX man!
    - Whoa, whoa, whoa!
    - [Driver] What's up?
    - Dude, your car is spouting a ton of oil man!
    - What? No, no, no!
    - Yeah it's burning a ton of oil.
    - I took it to the dealership there was a recall, they got, they said its good! It doesn't lose any oil, its not burning it. It is just a little bit of smoke.
    - [Customer] Thanks man.
    - Yep, Have a good one.
    - You too.
    (spits drink)
    - [Customer] Bro are those rally bumpers?
    - Yeah! What the (bleep) was that?
    - Dude you rally this thing?
    - Yeah man, I got the rally armor, I got the stickers, I got the Vortex jeterator, the Invidia exhaust.
    - Oh yeah.
    Road rally?
    - I mean yeah, it kind of like the same thing. It's still a rally, you know, it's still a rally.
    - Alright.
    - Hey that's pretty cool.
    You got a WRX?
    - Yeah, actually I have one.
    - Really?
    - Yeah.
    You ain't got anything done to it?
    - Yeah so I have, the ...
    (slapping smack) Air intake, the exhaust, and a stage two tune on it.
    - Oh no kidding, huh, how much boost you running?
    - What do you mean?
    - You didn't figure it out when had the dino tuned?
    - My access port didn't come with a dino.
    - Oh.
    (trap music)