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How We're Battling Shipping Times And Price Increases

November 19, 2021


If you're here, you're probably wondering why the hell everything is on backorder, why prices are increasing across the board, and why it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Luckily, we've ordered millions of dollars in inventory ahead of time, so we have more inventory than pretty much everyone else at the moment. Even with all of the craziness in the world, we're still offering delivery in as little as 7 days and free mounting, balancing, and shipping on wheel and tire packages.


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Today, we'll take a little look into what exactly is going on in the world and why you're seeing everything from wheels to fuel and even everyday household items like meat skyrocket in value.


Table of Contents

- Why Is There a Global Shortage?

- Why Does Shipping Take So Long Now?

- When Will Things Be Back to Normal?


- What This Means for the Aftermarket Industry.


- What Should You Do?


Bagged Infiniti with aftermarket rims





Why is There a Global Shortage?


Let's not dance around what you came here to find out. Why are so many stores low on inventory this year? If we jump back a little while, to what seems like the dawn of time, the world was hit with one of the biggest pandemics of all time; COVID-19.


Now you might be wondering how a virus can affect shipping and the supply chain. Well, COVID-19 started in China, where most of the world's commercial production takes place. China went into lockdown in January of 2020, which caused the production of millions of products to come to a screeching halt. Without getting into too much detail, this lockdown caused a ripple effect that ended up destroying the global supply chain, making goods harder to get than ever.


Bagged MK7 GTI with 3SDM rims


As time went on, countries had to find new places to get their goods produced. Unfortunately, COVID slid right into other countries as well, further delaying the production of items that some of the biggest countries in the world relied on.


Skipping ahead, we're now seeing issues in supplies needed to create packagings, such as aluminum, cardboard, and plastic. This also means that since there is a lack of resources, the resources that are available are coming at a premium price.


You know all of those Price Increase emails we send you? It's not because WE want to increase prices. It's not because the manufacturers want to raise prices. It's because supplies are so limited that manufacturers are paying a lot more just to produce the wheels, tires, and suspension that we love. In order to stay in business, manufacturers need prices to increase.


Bagged Subaru WRX custom rims


We're not only seeing this in our industry but in others as well. There's absolutely no reason it should cost $43.59 to fill the tank on my MK7 GTI...or is there? People are traveling a lot more now that most of the COVID scare has subsided, meaning people are using more fuel. Of course, the same supply chain issues we talked about before apply here as well. Crude oil is getting much more expensive, which is why you continue to see gas prices increase. 


If you have more than 8 cylinders, hang in there, brother. We feel your pain.


Bagged S197 Mustang aftermarket rims




Why Does Shipping Take So Long Now?


Just because the supply chain dips doesn't mean that the items are any less in-demand. In fact, demand for imported goods is at an all-time high. This means that even if manufacturers could produce enough products to meet demand, there aren't enough vehicles or people to deliver the products.


This is why you see shipping prices increasing and wait times longer than ever. 



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Plus, remember that whole Suez Canal incident? You know, the one where a guy decided to Tokyo drift his freight ship through the canal? Well, that event single-handedly created a bottleneck for the entire shipping industry. Right now, there are hundreds of boats backed up, waiting to enter the port. Why? Because warehouses are full of product and we don't have enough trucks or trains to move the cargo from one place to another.


The result is a nationwide traffic jam in the ocean that doesn't seem to end.


Modified Nissan GTR with aftermarket rims and tires




When Will Things Be Back to Normal?


This is a tough one to answer. The truth? We don't see it ending any time soon. The increasing prices of materials, lack of transportation, and global production shutdowns have impacts that could last for a very long time, maybe even forever. 



How is This Affecting the Aftermarket Industry?


We're seeing prices rise across the board. Wheels, tires, suspension, performance parts, you name it, the price is going up. The aluminum shortage is causing the cost of production to rise, and the lack of shipping resources means that people will pay more and wait longer for anything they order for their car.


This is why you see so many items on backorder. Many manufacturers are getting more orders for their wheels, tires, or suspension than they have the resources to fulfill. Hear us when we say this: They are trying their best. Things aren't going on backorder just to make life more difficult for enthusiasts; it's simply that the manufacturers can't crank enough product out or, if they can, there's nobody to deliver it to its destination.


Nissan 240sx S14 Cosmis Racing rims




What Should You Do?


1. Get your parts NOW!


This isn't some sales pitch or technique. This is one enthusiast to another.

Prices will keep going up, shipping times will keep getting longer, and soon you might not see your parts for 8+ months after you order. You've probably seen our ads or social media posts talking about "prices will never be this low again"; we weren't kidding. We're real enthusiasts just like you, and we want you to be able to get your parts as soon as possible and at the lowest price possible. 


We're doing everything in our power to keep the cost down, but there's only so much we can do. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and days by getting your car parts before everything gets worse.


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2. Plan Ahead.


We don't know when price increases will happen or how long shipping times will be, but making sure that you have a well-thought-out buying strategy will help you save money and ensure that you'll get your parts sooner rather than later.


3. Be Patient.


Things you order are just going to take a little bit longer to get to you. We don't know when this will end or how it will be fixed, but what we do know is that the sooner you order your parts, the better. Just know that all hands are on deck to get your order to you as fast as possible.


Bagged BMW 3 Series with Work Wheels rims


We know that it's a crazy time right now. That's why we wanted to create this post. We want you to be aware of everything going on in the aftermarket industry because we're enthusiasts too, and we know how frustrating shipping times and price increases can be. Hopefully, we were able to shed some light on what the hell is going on in the industry right now so you can understand that it could be this way for a while. Don't let it deter you from finishing your build. The sooner you can get your parts, the better off you'll be.


What mods are you grabbing for your build? Let us know in the comments below!

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