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Myths About Aftermarket Wheels

June 16, 2020

1. Wheel Companies Never Copy Designs

Some think that every time a wheel company releases a new wheel, they always have an original design; there's nothing else like them currently. This simply is not the case. There are plenty of companies that replicate some of the most iconic designs in the wheel industry like the TE37 and BBS LM. They allow the average joe to have the design of a highly sought after and usually very expensive wheel for a fraction of the cost. You'll always have the people that are going to hate on your decision to buy rep wheels but if you just want the nice look for a low cost, there's nothing wrong with going for a replica wheel.

2006 Evo AME Tracer2006 Evo AME Tracers

2. All Cast Wheels are the Same

This one is often told by people who don't really have much knowledge about how wheels are made, and that's just fine. We're here to help. There are numerous different ways to create cast wheels with technology like flow formed or rotary forged. For example, different companies rotary forge their wheels in their own way. Some will only spin forge enough of the barrely to be able to call the wheels rotary forged while others will do the whole barrel. Companies are usually unique in the way that they create their wheels.

Lexus IS350 JNCJNC Lexus IS350

3. All Aftermarket Wheel Companies are Competing

This one can get a little bit confusing but sometimes the wheel company you're looking at and fell in love with actually could own a company that you don't like at all. It's a common misconception that all aftermarket wheel companies are their own entity therefore any other company is their enemy. That's often not the case as there are actually very few big players in the aftermarket wheel industry. The big guys tend to end up owning the smaller companies and thus rather than creating more competition, they're working together.

Rotiform BUC VW CCRotiform BUC VW CC

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