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The Evolution of Artisa ArtFormed Wheels to Anovia Wheels

December 30, 2021

Bagged Ferrari on Anovia Forged Wheels


Artisa ArtFormed Wheels has had an incredible year thanks to your support, and they've been taking a lot of notes. After thousands of working hours, we're excited to announce that Artisa ArtFormed Wheels has officially evolved to Anovia Wheels! With this new brand, the team has created 2 completely new wheel designs, an increased range of sizes, and more bolt patterns. Let's get into all of the new things coming out of our very own wheel brand!


New Wheels

With the launch of the new brand, Anovia has released two new wheels. Both are non-directional which is a first for the company and something that a ton of people have been asking for. More wheels will be release this coming year, so we have a lot more to look forward to! Check out the two new wheel models below! Both wheels will officially launch in March of 2022.


The Anovia Kano

Anovia Kano in Gunmetal Metallic

The Kano is the first introduction of a non-directional wheel into the Anovia wheel lineup that still features the same ArtFormed Technology that the community has come to know and love. The Kano focuses design elements on minimizing that rotational mass, allowing the same big brake clearance while providing a timeless look for countless platforms that came to us in the 90s and the early 2000s. The Kano was designed to go after the seven-spoke Japanese wheel styling that we all know and love while competing against the lightest wheels in the industry; even beating some forged wheels too. The name, Kano, comes from one of the most famous Japanese art schools of the 15th century tying the name to the name back to the art-inspired Anovia brand.

Chrome Anovia Kano

The Kano has been released in some new sizes, bolt patterns, and finishes. The 15-inch wheels come in at just over 12 pounds, 17-inch wheels come in at 16.5 pounds, and 18-inch wheels come in at only 17.8 pounds. The Kano is the lightest wheel the brand has EVER produced.

Available Finishes:

- Gunmetal Metallic

- Chrome

Available Sizes:

- 15x8

- 17x8

- 17x9

- 18x8.5


Available Bolt Patterns:

- 5x114.3

- 5x100

- 4x114.3

- 4x100


The Anovia Treble

Anovia Treble

We absolutely love the three-spoke wheels from the 90s and as cool as they are, they're just difficult to get a hold of. Anovia wanted to take that 90s styling and put a modern twist on it with The Treble and have it readily available in some of the most popular sizes today. Old-school JDM lovers will finally have a three-spoke wheel readily available that still holds all of the lightweight properties that Anovia followers love. Weights range from 17.5 pounds to just under 20 pounds.


Available Finishes:

- Silver Metallic

- Chrome

Available Sizes:

- 17 inches

- 18 inches

Available Bolt Patterns:

- 5x114.3

- 5x100


Anovia Forged

Anovia Forged is the answer for those that want to bridge function, presence, and passion into their unique needs for wheel specifications for their platforms. Anovia's three-piece wheel line will continue to focus on function elements such as back pad milling, changes to eliminate rotational mass, titanium lightened hardware, and testing.

Anovia Forged Titan

Each wheel will be FEA and SAE J2530 tested along with VIA and JWL testing as well. Each wheel will utilize APP raw forgings to achieve the highest level of quality while the wheels are engineered for your vehicle. Our tooling uses a Sandvik tooling and anti-vibration technology that allows us to create an intricate design that truly meets the highest level of quality that you've come to expect from Anovia Wheels.


Ferrari with 3 piece wheels


What makes this new evolution truly special is that as you go to build your three-piece wheels, which are available now, you'll be working with Sam and Gels directly to create those wheels that will fit your vehicle the right way and have the right elements and design that you want to make sure that those wheels are one of one, just for you.


Artisa ArtFormed Wheels

The Artisa ArtFormed name is not disappearing. Instead, all of the Deco Directional designs will now fall under the Artisa ArtFormed lineup within Anovia Wheels. Those of you that love the Deco Directional styling of the Artisa ArtFormed wheels have nothing to worry about!

Toyota 86 on Artisa Wheels

This evolution would not have been possible without your support. Thank you to those that have stuck with Artisa ArtFormed Wheels over the past 12 months. You are the reason our brand was able to evolve and branch into some of the most in-demand wheel designs to date. Anovia Wheels is officially ready for an explosive 2022!


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