Are Rep Wheels Worth It?

March 25, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Rep Wheels

In the last few months, you've probably seen the term "rep wheels" get thrown around here and there, and a lot of drivers have opted to go with these for their builds. As they grow in popularity, this begs the question - what is a rep wheel? Are they good quality? And most importantly, are they worth it for your car? That's what we'll be answering today - check out our video on whether or not rep wheels are worth it for you or keep on reading below!


Table Of Contents:

-What Is A Rep Wheel?

-Which OG Brands AREN'T Considered Reps?

-Design Cues of Rep Wheels Compared To Real Wheels

-Are Rep Wheels Good Quality?

-Do Rep Wheels Hold Their Value As Well as Real Wheels?

-Are Rep Wheels Worth It For The Money?


What Is A Rep Wheel?

Rep is short for replica. Big brain stuff over here, right? Rep wheels are replicas of other wheels, which are usually sought after iconic designs either currently in production or out of production - a rep wheel will usually try to look almost identical to the real one. There are a few tiny tweaks here and there, and usually, that’s because the manufacturing process of the rep wheel is different than the original wheel. More on that later, but this could be the difference between casting vs. forging or a single piece vs. multipiece wheel.

Which OG Brands Aren't Considered Reps?

Before we keep moving, we should mention this because we've seen you on the internet calling wheels reps just because they aren't built from the OGs. It's important to remember that these wheels aren't reps just because you haven't heard of them. Good? Cool, let's keep going. Some of the OG brands that are never ever considered reps according to the internet are along the lines of Work, Volk, and BBS. However, even the big OG brands can be inspired by other wheels and take some liberties of their own. For example, the new Volk 21a that was announced has had some design similarities to BBS, as pointed out by the people of the internet. This is an absolutely killer wheel, even though there are similarities to the BBS LM - they both have their strengths for you as a driver.

BBS LM Wheel Installed on 2021 Subaru WRX

Design Cues and R&D of Rep Wheels Compared To Real Wheels

It isn't just about looking cool when you're looking for a set of new wheels for your ride - there's real science and craftsmanship that goes into making wheels, especially in the case of our Signature Anovia lineup. Making quality wheels is a crazy, highly involved process, and everything needs to go right to build a wheel that can perform well and look even better for years to come.


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For example, the Volk TE37 didn’t become one of the most popular wheels ever just because it looked cool. The TE37 stands for Touring Evolution 3.7kg, which is 8 pounds in freedom units. That’s super light, even in the 15-inch diameter it was introduced in to go racing. There’s a lot of R&D that goes into wheels like the TE37 to make them as light and especially durable as they are so they can be used on the track and on the street with confidence.


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This also helps track cars, as wheels from top brands like Volk, Advan, and Work are much easier and more comfortable to track than their rep counterparts. This is because of the quality and durability that these brands are known for, thanks to the R&D involved in the creation of these wheels.

Volk TE37 Wheel Installed on Tesla Model 3

Are Rep Wheels Good Quality?

The quality control of rep wheels is typically lacking compared to the real wheels they're designed to look like. At first glance, you'll notice that the finish isn't as baller as the real wheels - you might be getting PVD instead of the real chrome that you get on a real wheel. Also, the paint on that rep might also be a little wavy, and not as deep or durable as you'll see on the real wheel, and it might crack or flake off a little bit easier. Beauty is skin deep, though, and underneath that PVD or paint is going to be a whole different set of materials and manufacturing processes used to make that wheel. This can be very, very different from what the real wheel has done through its manufacturing process. You might be getting a cast wheel more porous than SpongeBob - that means you have pockets of air that will make the wheel weak and much easier to crack, or even explode. With the rep, you might also be getting a monoblock cast wheel with fake hardware on it, to make it look like that multi-piece wheel design of the real wheel. That hardware is probably glued on, and the bolt heads aren't quite the same as the processes used to make multi-piece wheels you all know and love.

Do Rep Wheels Hold Their Value As Well as Real Wheels?

When you sell rep wheels online, you're going to post them up for sale, and we can guarantee that you'll receive a fraction of the price that you paid to buy them. Rep wheels simply do not hold their value very well, for the same reasons outlined in the above section. Real wheels will hold their value and sometimes appreciate in value - the Blitz O3 is an extreme example, but we've seen prices for this wheel skyrocket lately.

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Are Rep Wheels Worth It For The Money?

If you're on a budget and funds are an issue for any reason, we totally get it - frankly, if you just don't care about the original design, we get that too. Often, the original wheel is out of production and can be tough to find - again, to each their own. However, if you can spend a couple of extra bucks, there are a ton of non-rep options out there for you, with all the benefits we've mentioned - quality, durability, reliability, and of course, better street cred. A lot of the major wheel brands will have a lineup of wheels falling into all sorts of budget categories as well. A few hundred extra dollars may seem like a lot, but trust us - just save up a little bit more. That gets you into the game, and you won't regret it.



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