Top 5 Car Wheels Under $1400 For 2022

March 31, 2022

What Are The Best Car Wheels Under $1400?

Aftermarket wheels are a great way to change up your car for the next show or track season, so we thought, what better time to compile a list of some of the top 5 wheels you could go and get today for under $1400? Let's get into it - check out our favorite wheels you can get to fit your budget below. They're all in stock and ready to ship to your door today!


Table Of Contents:

-Enkei NT03M

-Anovia Elder

-Kansei Astro

-Konig Hypergram

-Fifteen52 Tarmac


2020 Hyundai Veloster with Enkei NT03M wheels installed

Features and Sizing of the Enkei NT03M

Wheel number one on the list is the Enkei NT03M, the wheel that constantly gets overshadowed by the RPF1. The NT03M is yet another fantastic wheel choice from Enkei - it features a multi-spoke design with the addition of a little outer hoop through the spokes. That provides a unique design for the wheel, and works for a ton of vehicles, from the WRX to the FRS and Civic, and everything in between.

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The Enkei NT03M takes everything that makes the RPF1 such a sought-after wheel and throws it into a different design and a 18x9.5 +40 size, offering great fitment options for popular makes and models. It comes with some sick finish options as well, including silver, dark chrome, blue, pink, green, and many more - also, you can get a really satisfying machined aluminum five-bolt center cap to top it all off.

Check out how an Enkei NT03M will look on your car in our gallery!

2021 Toyota Corolla with Anovia Elder wheels installed

Features and Sizing of the Anovia Elder

Wheel two is our signature Anovia Elder, launched in 2020. The Elder features our very own design from our very own brand - it's also incredibly lightweight, thanks to the ArtFormed technology we use in manufacturing. The Elder is built using a flow forming process to make sure that the barrel is essentially forged; this keeps the weight down and helps keep the wheel strong.

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It also features our revolutionary Deco Directional design - in the past, directional wheels really weren't done the right way. This time, with Anovia, you get a left and a right side to the wheels, something that was really only done on forged wheels that can set you back upwards of $5000 for some sets. Of course, when we make our wheels, we want to make sure they fit popular years, makes, and models, so we provided perfect fitment options for cars like the 370Z, G35, G37, and many more, specifically with our 19x11 model.

Check out how an Anovia Elder will look on your car in our gallery!

Of course, there are other sizes for the Elder too, like 18x9.5 and 18x10.5, with popular offsets including +22, +35, and more. At the same time, the Elder maintains big brake clearance and maximized concavity for each size.

2020 Toyota Corolla with Kansei Astro wheels outfitted

Features and Sizing of the Kansei Astro

The third wheel on our list is the all-new Kansei ASTRO, fresh off the line for the 2022 season. This is a classic take on some wheel designs straight out of the 90s, and Kansei does an incredible job with this, taking some older school designs and putting a new twist on them. The ASTRO is available in a crazy white finish, with some red undertones that help it really pop.

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You can find the Kansei ASTRO in all the most popular 18-inch sizes for 2022, but knowing Kansei, they'll probably expand that out in the future. We were talking about concavity before with the Elder, and the same thing is a main draw on the ASTRO. The 18x10.5 ASTRO wheel offers an insane amount of concavity, keeping in line with the rest of the Kansei lineup.

Check out how a Kansei ASTRO will look on your car in our gallery!

2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata with Konig Hypergram wheels

Features and Sizing of the Konig Hypergram

Moving onto wheel number four, we've got the Konig Hypergram, a classic wheel that checks all the boxes for what a great one should be. Lightweight and strong, Konig uses flow-forming technology to make sure that they maximize strength and reduce as much weight as possible with all their wheel designs, and the Hypergram is one that does this really well.

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Konig has been a trusted name in the aftermarket wheel industry for years - they do a lot of good stuff and have many killer designs from the Ampliform to the Dekagram, and Hypergram especially. There is a large amount of sizing options for this wheel, from 15 to 18 inches in diameter - this means that you can get a set of Hypergrams for any make or model. If you've got a Miata, you can set it up with some Hypergrams. If you've got an FRS, you can get some Hypergrams - there's something for everyone here!

Check out how a Konig Hypergram will look on your car in our gallery!

2018 Ford Focus ST with Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels

Features and Sizing of the Fifteen52 Tarmac

To close out the list, we've got a wheel that's a bit of a throwback in the same vein of the Hypergram, but still an absolutely killer option - we're talking, of course, about the Fifteen52 Tarmac. This is a big five-spoke wheel, offering the five-spoke style that Fifteen52 does so well on vehicle types like hot hatches and more. It's available in 17 and 18 inches in diameter, with 17s perfect for track applications and 18s great for show builds.

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The best part about the Tarmac is that it doesn't forget about the Ford drivers in the audience - it's a go-to wheel for the Ford Focus and Fiesta, available in 4x108 and 5x108 bolt patterns. This means that you can get Subarus outfitted with a set of Tarmacs as well as Fords, and they look really good - there's something about a big, chunky five-spoke design that we love.

Check out how a Fifteen52 Tarmac will look on your car in our gallery!

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