Everything You Need To Know About The Most Popular Styles of Fitment

April 7, 2022

Fitment - it's in our damn name. There are so many different styles to choose from, including slammed, tucked, poke, flush, hella flush, demon camber, static, bagged, you get the picture. We've heard it all before, and there are even some words in there that we've never heard.

Today, we'll be talking about the most popular styles of fitment we see, and you can decide which ones you like best, and maybe learn a thing or two about one you might've stayed away from or thought was stupid - guess what, it's not. Let's get into it!


Table Of Contents:

-What Is Tucked Fitment?

-Tips For Proper Tucked Fitment

-What Is Flush Fitment?

-Tips For Proper Flush Fitment

-What Is Poke Fitment?

-How Did Poke Fitment Originate?

-Tips For Proper Poke Fitment

-What Is Stance Fitment?

-How To Get the Right Fitment For Your Car


2022 Kia K5 with Tucked Fitment

What Is Tucked Fitment?

Starting off our list for today is tucked fitment, and first of all, what is tuck? For some, this can be looked at as people who bought the wrong size of wheels, but we promise that this can be done right and look damn good.

A tucked setup is when you see the entire wheel (not rim, by the way) and tire tucked behind the fender. Like we said earlier, sometimes this is done on accident by ordering wheels with too high of an offset or too narrow for your car - don't do that, this isn't what we're talking about.

When tucked fitment is specifically gone after, the wheel and tire just fits behind the fender - it can look good and fresh when you nail it, and is the best way to get your car up close and personal with the pavement. The best part of a tucked setup is that you're as low as you can possibly go, and you'll see a ton of this with air suspension setups, but a few of you with static setups will occasionally do this too. That's kind of the nice part, though - with a tucked setup, you're typically not rubbing your tire on anything since it's in the wheel well, as long as you do it right.

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Tips For Proper Tucked Fitment

One of the easiest ways to make sure your tucked setup looks as good as possible is by rolling your fenders, as long as you do this before your wheels come.

Ever seen wavy, crispy fenders? That's what we call "bacon," and you don't want that kind of bacon. Bacon happens when your tire heats up the fender thanks to friction induced by rubbing on it when you're driving down the road or not properly rolling up your fenders. For every setup on this list, just get your fenders rolled - you'll want to if you're lowering your car.

Most cars have a piece of metal coming out from the fender that is flat, and will stab your tires if not taken care of. By applying some heat and using a roller, you can slowly bend that flap up and get yourself more room for activities.

2022 Tesla Model S with Flush Fitment

What Is Flush Fitment?

Next on our list is flush fitment - Flush is when your tire and your wheel sit flush with the fender, hence the name. This style of fitment is great because you can combine function with form, and tires are key when you're trying to pull this off - of course, wheel width and offset are just as important too, but your tire size can really put some great finishing touches on this type.

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Tips For Proper Flush Fitment

A nice flush setup should have a nice set of tires on the wheels that are wide enough to really fill out the wheel well, but be careful if you're riding low. If so, you might want to turn your coilovers on more of the stiff side to avoid popping your fender on a random big crater in the earth, AKA the roads we all drive on.

Flush fitment is great because it can look good on literally any build - Euro, JDM, Domestic, KDM, you name it. It's one of the most universally good looking styles of fitment, as long as you do it right - otherwise, you'll be tucking or poking, and we're going for flush on this one.

2021 Subaru Legacy with Poke Fitment

What Is Poke Fitment?

Alright, next up is poke fitment, and we're not talking about the weird thing your aunt used to do to you on Facebook in 2010. Is that still a thing anymore? Anyway, poke fitment - this can be done really wrong and absolutely ruin a car if you're not careful, but when you do it right it can look pretty rad. Poke fitment that looks good is just a slight poke of your tire, just peeking a bit out of the fender to give you a meaty bulldog-type stance. That's the good stuff.

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How Did Poke Fitment Originate?

Poke fitment actually stemmed from race cars back in the day - after all, ever since the dawn of time, race cars have been trying to fit the most meat on their wheels as possible, which would usually result in the tire poking out a little bit. Obviously, everyone enjoys fast cars, so you then started to see this look translate over to street cars, and it wasn't just younger kids trying to hop on the latest trend either. Take a look at any muscle car out there nowadays, and you'll usually see staggered setups with the rear tires poking out - this stems from old drag cars with big drag radial tires on the back that just filled a wheel well.

Tips For Proper Poke Fitment

To summarize poke fitment, it's better when it's subtle and well thought out, with either a meaty setup that just passes the fender or even a slight stretch that makes the tire taper towards the fender - both can look really good.

2021 Ford Mustang GT with HellaFlush fitment

What Is Stance Fitment?

For our last fitment type today, we'll just be combining a few of the terms that are thrown around. We have Stance, Cambered Out, Hella Flush, Fender To Lip Fitment, et cetera, but it's generally referred to as cars that are Slammed.

Hella flush means you're slammed but generally have a little bit of camber to line the rim of your wheel up to the fender and go for that fender-to-lip fitment that we really enjoy. This is one of the hardest fitments to do right, to be honest.

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Stance fitment is finicky and you really have to nail it to get it looking good - with stance cars, the name of the game is getting the best fitment you can with a hella flush or flush setup, and being as low as possible with that. This isn't for everyone, but you have to give appreciation to dudes who do opt for this type of fitment, because a lot of time and effort does go into this style.

How To Get the Right Fitment For Your Car

All of the four styles of fitment we talked about can be done well or terribly - usually not intentionally, just because people literally didn't know what to do. Trial and error isn't a fun time, but we've made one of the only free tools out there for car enthusiasts to make sure you're dialing in your fitment every time - the gallery.

All you have to do in our fitment gallery is punch in your year, make and model, and look at thousands of dope cars with different fitments to give you an idea of what you're looking to do on your vehicle. Cars are an extension of yourself and your personality, so you want them to look good - no bacon, no super poke, no super tuck. Get her dialed in just right with us!

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