Are Expensive Coilovers Worth It For Your Car Build?

May 3, 2022

Cheap Vs. Expensive Coilovers

Hey everyone! Today, we're going to see if expensive coilovers are worth it - we know that there are a bunch of you out there just lurking on the internet trying to figure out how to lower your car right now, and you're running into the problem of how you can go about doing that. There are plenty of coilover kits out there that can help you get your car lowered to the level you want, and they'll come at a variety of different prices - our question is, should you lower your budget on coilovers or should you keep with premium brands and packages? That's the question that we're answering today.


Table Of Contents:

-How Much Do Coilover Kits Generally Cost?

-What Benefits Do Expensive Coilover Setups Provide?

-Are There Any Drawbacks To Expensive Coilover Kits?


How Much Do Coilover Kits Generally Cost?

We love coilovers, as they're great accessories to help with getting your ride height just right, and working with variables like spring rate, damping, valving, and all else that comes with lowering a car is a lot of fun. There are a ton of different options out there when it comes to coilovers, but there are also a ton of price ranges out there when it's time to buy coilovers.

We won't sit here and tell you that the eBay specials you got for $500 are good, because they aren't for the most part - unwatch those coilovers on your eBay watchlist and just read the rest of this blog to see why. If your only goal is to slam your car and get it low by any means necessary, yes, cheap coilovers will do that, but your spine and your car will not be very thrilled.

But what about the set that's expensive? Let's define "expensive" here because it's a relative term - we're talking about anything from $1200 to $2000. Once you get over a $2000 price point for coilovers, you're getting into the territory of some special use setups that the majority of us won't even consider. Those setups are cool, but a bit out of the realms of realism for us.

2021 Toyota Corolla SE Nightshade Edition with BC Racing Coilovers installed

What Benefits Do Expensive Coilover Setups Provide?

So really, what are you getting for the extra money over what you can find on the depths of eBay? Well, for starters, your coilover kit will be made with much nicer materials than cheaper packages, but you're also getting a heck of a lot more research and development - that's R&D for the laymen. See below for more advantages that expensive coilovers provide!

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Expensive Coilovers Are Used With Better Materials

Research and development is huge, and the models in the $1200-2000 price range that we're talking about are a lot of the entry and mid-level tier for some of the more reputable brands that we'd consider. These brands have an important thing called experience, and this experience means that you're going to get a set of coilovers constructed with some of the better materials.

Bushings are a good example of this - cheap coilovers usually have some questionable bushings and those will wear out rather quickly, especially if you run your car super low to the ground. Small little parts like these are often overlooked, but they're important because they do make a difference to ride quality and performance.

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Expensive Coilovers Are Easier To Install

It's not just the material quality that expensive coilovers bring to the table over cheaper counterparts, though - the support after your purchase is also a different, good story. When installing coilovers in the price bracket we're talking about, it will go much more smoothly because everything just fits better, and you can install your set properly. We've done some installs on cheap coilovers which always ended up with a trip to the hardware store to get bolts and nuts, and do some custom fab work because the things just didn't fit.

You're going to get some better install support as well, as this price bracket has some of the most documented installs on YouTube. You can see how others have done it on their chassis, or you can use the instruction manuals that come with the coilovers - imagine that, a manual that tells you how to do a thing.

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2021 Ford Mustang GT Premium with Fortune Auto coilovers

Expensive Coilovers Are Adjustable

The cool thing about coilovers is that they're also adjustable, and the more expensive coilovers will almost always give you more adjustability than if you'd gone with a cheaper setup. Even if the set you get offers more adjustment choices than you really need, it's still super cool to have the options.

Expensive Coilovers Are More Customizable

You also get a lot of options for customizing your coilovers at higher price points to better suit whatever application you've got or what you're doing with a car. The biggest one here is spring rate - there will be a default spring rate in the coilover set that you're choosing for your platform, but give us a little call and we can get a custom spring rate set up for you in your application.

Expensive Coilovers Offer Spring Upgrades

Many of the coilovers in this price range will also let you do a spring upgrade, such as moving up to swift springs - we highly recommend this, because we've driven the same spring rate both with and without swift springs, and there's a definite difference, especially when you're pushing your car hard on a track.

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Are There Any Drawbacks To Expensive Coilover Kits?

We've listed a lot of advantages on here about what expensive coilovers hold over their cheaper competitors, so what's the big drawback? There has to be something lurking here or some big problem. Right?

Honestly, there isn't - the main drawback is that you'll need to open your wallet a little wider and spend a little bit more money. In this world, you get what you pay for, and coilovers are no exception to that. If you're thinking, "I can just save money and buy expensive coilovers used," please don't do that - used coilovers can be scary unless you're good friends with the person you're buying from, because you can get yourself into a nightmare scenario if you don't know how worn the internal components are, how often they've been used, etc.

So, are expensive coilovers worth it? Absolutely - all the coilovers we've worked with in the past have fallen squarely into a $1200-2000 price range, and we've been super happy with them. The only question is if you're able to spend the money - save up if you need to, and always remember the golden rule when it comes to car builds: "Just wait. Save up a little more, and you'll be happier."

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