Features and Design of the New Fortune Auto 8th Generation 500 and 510 Series Coilovers

May 10, 2022

What's going on everybody? Today, we've got some cool new stuff to take a look at, especially in the coilover world. Within the car industry it seems like everything has been kind of hit or miss to start 2022 - we've got great cars coming out, but they're usually announced right besides some disappointing cars, so you never really know whether it's good or bad news that you're about to see. The good news is that we've got some good news today, because Fortune Auto has come out with their brand-new Generation 8 Series of coilovers, and we've been one of the first ones to take a look!

If you're new to Fortune Auto, they're one of those brands who is continuously improving on themselves every single year, and now that we're on the Generation 8 series of their coilovers, it's time to dive in and see what's new and improved, what's different, and whether or not you should throw a set on your car build. Check it out!


Table Of Contents:

-What Are The Different Kinds of Fortune Auto Coilovers?

-New Features of the 8th Generation Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers

-Piston Design of the Generation 8 Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers

-New Features of the 8th Generation Fortune Auto 510 Series Coilovers

-Piston Design of the Generation 8 Fortune Auto 510 Series Coilovers

-Shop Fortune Auto Car Suspension


What Are The Different Kinds of Fortune Auto Coilovers?

If you know of Fortune Auto or you've seen videos that we've done on them in the past, you should know that there are a couple different series of coilovers that they manufacture, starting with their 500 Series. The next step up above is the big daddy, the Fortune Auto 510 Series.

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The Fortune Auto 510 Series is more of a graduated coilover - it's very performance oriented, making it perfect for if you track your car pretty regularly. If you want something more geared for daily driving that you can take to the track every now and then, the 500 Series is more of the route that you want to go.

Fortune Auto Generation 8 500 series coilovers

New Features of the 8th Generation Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers

We'll start by taking a look at the 500 series - this is probably the most common out of the two, and right out of the gate we've got a couple different external features compared to the previous generation that we can see.

The first feature that the Fortune Auto 500 series brings for the 8th generation is a nice little laser-etched top - now, we know that they're coilovers and they go inside the car so you don't really see them that much, but it's a nice little detail and Fortune Auto does make some of the best looking coilovers out there. The green goes really well with the silver that they use and the color combination itself is absolutely gorgeous.

Going down from there, the 500 Series has got some new hex bolt locking collars that were usually an upgrade in the past - it's standard now, which is super nice. You actually lose one of the locking collars that you would typically get with a set of coilovers, but these rely on a hex bolt that locks them into place to make sure they don't go anywhere - better yet, there's a nice little indicator on the coilovers that tells you the size of the hex key to use, which is a great touch.

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Piston Design of the Generation 8 Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers

Externally, that's pretty much the only new details of Fortune Auto's 500 series for its eighth generation, but if you know Fortune Auto, you know that they thrive on their piston designs, specifically the Digressive Piston design.

When you're going super low with a set of coilovers with a high spring rate, you'd imagine a harsh ride that'll be pretty stiff, but Fortune Auto is in its own realm when it comes to this kind of stuff. Because of that Digressive Piston design, you can get a high spring rate, ride low, and still be pretty comfy thanks to the internal design of the piston, which they keep improving every year.

The piston on the inside of the new Fortune Auto 500 series is a High-Flow Digressive Aluminum Billet piston which is absolutely killer - they've got some good stuff going on inside to make sure that you'll get the maximum performance out of them, as well as some great comfort on the road.

Fortune Auto 8th generation of 510 Series coilovers

New Features of the 8th Generation Fortune Auto 510 Series Coilovers

Like we said, if you're going with a 500 series it'll most likely be something more for a daily driver or something you take to the track every now and then but still want to be comfortable on your commute to work. So let's show off your cool car to all your friends with the bigger of the two new coilovers in Fortune Auto's eighth generation - the 510 series.

On the exterior, you'll see basically the same features on the 510 as on the 500 - you've got that laser etched top pad, you've got locking ring clamps with the allen bolt on them, and everything like that to make adjustment super easy and make sure nothing gets loose. That's especially important in a high performance application; you don't want these things moving around.

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Piston Design of the Generation 8 Fortune Auto 510 Series Coilovers

On the inside is where we see the main difference between the 500 and 510 series - the 500 got a nice little revamp to the digressive piston, and on the 510 we see a new concave digressive piston design, which makes things that much better. The piston itself has some optimized high flow valves for crazy scenarios that you might get yourself into on the track, which of course makes the car handle better. You won't feel it as much, and it'll get you down the track a lot safer.

Moving onto the finer details of these new coilovers: the actual seals of the piston itself. It's an improved seal design, exclusively designed to reduce friction - you don't want friction in any set of coilovers. You want these things to react as fast as possible, so Fortune Auto revised the inner seals for the piston on the 510 series to make sure the dampers react as soon as possible to reduce that friction. You won't see a huge difference, but it's super cool to see the amount of attention to detail going into something like a car suspension.

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All the fine details we mentioned earlier make the Fortune Auto 500 and 510 series great suspension products, and these are the major changes to the new Generation 8 of Fortune Auto's coilover lineup.

We love seeing things get improved over time, and just like every previous generation, these coilovers will be what Fortune Auto considers a "lifetime product" - they say that you'll never have to buy a new set of coilovers again if you go with them, because they're rebuildable and modular. If you start with a 500 series and find out that you like tracking your car a lot, you can build them into a 510 series.

Along with that, you can also get some swift spring upgrades for your Fortune Auto coilovers, which we know a lot of you guys love. Using these, you can select custom spring rates of course, and swift springs are basically a go-to upgrade for a lot of different applications. We're super excited to see the eighth generation Fortune Autos rolling out, and if you're interested in checking some out, hop on over to our store page and find them plus great wheels and tires. Check out Fortune Auto's lineup today and let us know if you have any questions!

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