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Top 5 Most Iconic Aftermarket Wheels

April 23, 2020

5. American Racing Torq Thrust M

American Racing Torq ThrustAmerican Racing Torq Thrust M Mustang

First on our list is the American Racing Torq Thrust M. This wheel has been around since the 50s and is still being produced to this day. That's pretty cool. This has been the classic muscle car style that can be seen on anything from old-school muscle cars like the GTO or Dodge Charger all the way up to the new-gen Mustangs and Challengers. When it was first produced, typical sizes were around 15 or 16 inches but as time went on, American Racing started designing the wheel bigger and bigger to keep up with modern trends. It's extremely cool to see 


BBS RS BeetleBBS RS Beetle

This is the iconic mesh wheel that everyone knows. The BBS RS is absolutely beautiful and has the ability to fit well on both classic and new cars. You can often find these wheels on classic BMWs, Volkswagens, and Hondas because this wheel just works with their styling. Being a multi-piece wheel, you can get this wheel in just about any size and color that you want and you can see all of the finishes that people are running in our gallery!

3. Work Meister S1 3P

Work Meister S1 3PWork Meister S1 3p G37

This gorgeous five spoke multipiece wheel is known as the Work Meister S1 3P. But we'd bet you already knew that. Like the other multipiece wheels, you can get this wheel in pretty much any size, finish, and with any color hardware you'd like. The Work Meister is known for being a tough wheel as well. You almost never hear of one cracking or breaking which is obviously really important when you're spending this much on a set of wheels. The Work Meister is an absolutely gorgeous wheel that screams high quality and class.

2. Enkei RPF1

Enkei RPF1Enkei RPF1 Subaru WRX

The Enkei RPF1 is probably one of the most widely used wheels for track builds. The simple split 6-spoke design give almost a retro racecar vibe while being an incredibly light wheel. You can find the RPF1 on anything from a Miata to a Mustang. These wheels are loved by so many in the car scene and have a reputation for being extremely light while still remaining strong when put to the test on the racetrack. Not to mention, the RPF1 is offered in an extremely wide variety of sizes so chances are, it will fit your car and at around half the cost of the TE37, the amount of value the RPF1 offers is almost unmatched

1. Volk TE37

Volk TE37Subaru WRX STI Volk TE37

Last but certainly not least is the Volk TE37. You've seen this style all over the place because so many companies have tried replicating it. This style looks good on just about anything and is arguably the most iconic wheel ever made. The TE37 is a thick, lightweight, five-spoke wheel that has a simple yet extremely aggressive style. Like we mentioned, there are replicas of the TE37 but owning a genuine set would put you on the spot at every single car meet. There are a ton of finishes for this wheel and some of the more unique ones have even appreciated in value as time goes on.

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