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How To Properly Clean Your Aluminum Wheels

September 3, 2020

Your new, shiny set of wheels won’t always look like they just rolled off the factory. From dust, debris, mud, and slush, the world is always trying to get your wheels dirty. It doesn’t have to be this way though. With proper cleaning, you can get your wheels looking brand new again! Today we will be explaining how to properly and safely clean your set of wheels using our line of vehicle cleaning products. Shop our car care products used in the video above.


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Step one: Making soapy water


First up, you just take one bucket out of the two you will be using and fill it with water and then the vehicle wash. Depending on how many gallons of water you are using, you add one cap full of the vehicle wash per gallon of water. 


Vehicle Wash from Fitment Industries




Step two: Rinsing


With that out of the way, you are just going to rinse off your wheel; preferably with a pressure washer, but you can also use a garden hose. 


Step three: Washing 


Now you are ready to begin washing your wheels

  • Using a wash mitt, you put your hand into the soapy water and get it sudsy. You then work your way over to the wheel and carefully dab off any dirt that may be lingering. We say “carefully” because you don’t want to damage your wheel via small rocks that may be still on the wheel.
  • Once again you rinse with your pressure washer/garden hose to clear off the excess dirt and suds.
  • You are going to want to clean off your wash mitt by just using a bucket filled with only water and nothing else. 
  • After that, you are finally ready to start more vigorous cleaning. Get that wash mitt loaded up with nice soapy suds yet again and start scrubbing; behind the spokes, in front of the spokes, the hub; anything you can reach.
  • Another rinse with your hose.


Step four: Polishing


This is where your wheel starts looking like it just rolled off the assembly line. You are just going to need your Carnuba wax in spray bottle form and 2 microfiber cloths. Using your spray-form Carnauba wax (a mix of polymer and carnauba wax), you spray all over the wheel and take a microfiber cloth and just work it all over the wheel, a bit like how you did in the washing segment. Your second microfiber cloth comes into play for wiping off any residue left over.


Carnauba Wax from Fitment Industries







After that, your wheels should look fresh again. Keeping up with wheel cleanliness is going to make you happier, it is going to make spectators happier and you are going to be getting the most out of the investment you slammed down decent money for. If possible, it is recommended to do this process at least every 2 weeks. Doing it after washing the body of the car is going to kill 2 birds with one stone. After all, we all strive for efficiency! Happy cleaning!


1 2015 Mustang Ford Gt Eibach Lowering Springs Vossen Cvt Silver





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