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Paint Vs. Powder Coat

June 16, 2020

All right, we've seen this question asked a lot all over the internet and today we're going to talk about it. We all have know of a person that's had their wheels powdercoated at some point, but what does powdercoating mean and how is it different from painting? Today, we answer that question. 


1. Painting

We'll start with paint. We probably don't have to go too in-depth with this one because chances are you already know about it. Paint is obviously a sprayable liquid. If you're unfamiliar with the process of painting, it requires quite a bit of prep work like cleaning the surface, sanding down uneven spots, repairing damage, and scuffing the surface of whatever you're painting. It's often said that a paint job will only be as good as the prep work that was put into it. This is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process which is why you see such high estimates for painting services. So why go through all of the trouble? Well, paint achieves a certain depth and finish that other types of color can't match. If you want the color to truly pop and look super-rich, paint is the way to go. 


2. Powdercoat

Powdercoating is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of having a sprayable liquid, you now have a sprayable powder that adheres to the surface through static electricity. The powder is then baked in a giant oven to allow the powder to harden and stick to the surface. You can still apply things like a clearcoat over the top to protect it and make it shine a little more but in a nutshell, that's the basics of powdercoating. The benefit here is that powdercoating doesn't require as much prep work as painting and is quite a bit more durable. If you get a rock chip on something that is powdercoated, it will most likely still leave a chip, but it won't make the rest of the surface crack or start flaking away. The downsides to powdercoating is that due to the amount of equipment you need, most people probably wouldn't be able to do this at home. This means that you'd need to trust a shop to do it and there have been some nightmare sores about shops not doing the proper way and getting some shady results. Just shop around before you land on a shop and make sure you do your research.

Tesla Model S RohanaTesla Model S Rohana

There you have it, the differences between painting and powdercoating. It's not as complicated as people think and each one has it's benefits and drawbacks. Sit back and think about which one will suit your needs better before pulling the trigger on getting work done. 

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