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Are Multi-Piece Wheels Worth It For Your Car Build?

May 19, 2022

Welcome back to the blog, everyone! Let's talk about multi-piece wheels today and see if they're worth it or not.

When you hear the words "multi-piece wheels" you probably think of money, and a lot of it. There's a good reason for that too, because a lot of these wheels just aren't cheap. And you know what? We'll be honest - they're not cheap, and they'll set you back quite a bit on some higher-end models, but with that said, is the higher price tag worth the investment?

That's what we're jumping into today - check out some of our favorite multi-piece options below and learn just a bit more about how they're constructed and what they can do for your car to help out with your search!


Table Of Contents:

-What Is A Multi-Piece Wheel And What Are The Different Parts of One?

-Do Multi-Piece Wheels Help With Fitment?

-Are Multi-Piece Wheels Customizable?

-Are Multi-Piece Wheels Durable?

-Are Multi-Piece Wheels Good Quality?

-How Heavy Are Multi-Piece Wheels?

-Is A Set of Multi-Piece Wheels Worth It For Your Build?


2005 BMW 330Ci M with BBS LM Wheels

What Is A Multi-Piece Wheel And What Are The Different Parts of One?

Real quick, let's establish what we're talking about when it comes to multi-piece wheels before we get into details. A multi-piece wheel is super simple; it's literally a wheel that's made of multiple pieces. That's it. Multi-piece wheels are generally made from one to three different pieces and usually come in two different varieties.

The first multi-piece wheel type is the two-piece wheel, an example of which would be the BBS LM. With these wheels you have the face bolted into the single-piece barrel - you don't have as much customization when it comes to the style of the wheel with the specs, but it's much simpler design-wise and also a bit lighter weight. There's also a two-piece welded style of wheel which is very similar, but the face would essentially be welded to the barrel. This isn't really as common of a style anymore, but the Super Advan is a good example as it's an iconic wheel in itself.

The second multi-piece wheel type is what most of us think of when we hear the phrase - the super baller three-piece wheels. In this construction you have the face of the wheel (sometimes called the "center"), and then an outer barrel (usually called the "lip") and an inner barrel. One, two, three piece wheels. Simple enough. These wheels are also a bit heavier compared to their two-piece counterparts because of the construction and additional hardware, but they're also the most customizable when it comes to the fitment.

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Do Multi-Piece Wheels Help With Fitment?

This brings us to the next topic of figuring out if multi-piece wheels are worth it or not - a little thing called "fitment."

Multi-piece wheels allow you to dial in an absolute perfect fitment without ever needing a spacer whatsoever, and that's because you can spec out the perfect combination of a face and barrel, or barrels if it's a three-piece. If you want that hella flush fitment and a super deep lip, then a three-piece setup is what you want. Also, if you have a wide body kit on your car or a different set of fenders than stock, you'll be able to get that fitment figured out. Wide body in a car changes any sort of fitment specs, so you'll need to go the multi-piece route if this is the setup that you've got, unless there's a super reliable one-piece option that you can run without needing a spacer.

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Are Multi-Piece Wheels Customizable?

The other thing we need to talk about with multi-piece wheels is customization, and holy moly do you get a lot of it with these wheel types. Not only can you get your wheels customized to the fitment specs we mentioned above, but you also get the customization of all the different aspects of the wheel?

Do you want a different color inner barrel compared to the lip and then a totally different color on the face? Sure, you can do that. Do you want two different colors of hardware? You can do that too. This lets you get some really dope color combinations on your wheels to make them really stand out, which is super cool.

That brings us to another thing - you can basically keep a set of multi-piece wheels forever across different platforms if you want, by swapping barrels and faces to match the new vehicle. This may sound weird, but you can totally do it if you're willing to get creative and do some searching, even for a different face if your new vehicle has a different bolt pattern.

Are Multi-Piece Wheels Durable?

Multi-piece wheels are also pretty darn durable if you're gonna be tracking your car. Tracking a car with expensive multi-piece wheels sounds kind of crazy, but trust us, people still do it. Swing by an event sometime and you'll see some of the nicest wheels on some of the nicest cars driving harder than you could ever imagine.

The reason for this has to do with the nature of multi-piece wheels' construction - let's say you drop a wheel on the track and bend the lip. That sucks. But, you can hammer that lip into place and keep driving, which you can't really do with a monoblock wheel - if you hammer a monoblock, it will for sure crack. You can also source a new lip for a multi-piece wheel, take it apart, put it back together, and replace it - boom, you're good to go.

Are Multi-Piece Wheels Good Quality?

The vast majority of multi-piece wheels you'll be looking at have a pretty darn good pedigree when it comes to durability - there's a long history with them and they've been out for a long time, so they're known to be good wheels already. Also, there aren't many questionable materials used to make multi-piece wheels because many times they're the flagship wheels for their respective manufacturers. So quality is always number one.

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2004 Nissan 350Z with BBS LM wheels

How Heavy Are Multi-Piece Wheels?

We started this whole discussion by mentioning that a big deterrent behind multi-piece wheels is their price, but the other thing worth discussing is the weight. As we alluded to before, these are usually pretty beefy boys, and light weight isn't really a concept that's known in the multi-piece community. You can find some older models made with magnesium faces, but those are usually reserved for serious race car stuff. They're lighter, but they're also way harder to find.

Is A Set of Multi-Piece Wheels Worth It For Your Build?

So, at the end of the day, are multi-piece wheels worth it? That's what we came here to answer, and we really believe that multi-piece wheels are worth every penny. The entry fee can be high, but you get so many benefits to offset the cost.

First of all, multi-piece wheels look absolutely killer. You can dial in the fitment to match your car no matter your specs, and you can also get the color combination that'll fit your build and set it off how you want. Also, you can keep these wheels forever, as part swapping is easy enough to do.

One other thing worth mentioning is that once you have your set of multi-piece wheels, they generally hold their value pretty well. If you're ever looking to sell, you can usually get a decent amount of money back for what you paid for them, and sometimes even make some money if the model you're selling isn't available anymore.

So, if you want to get that baller status, a set of multi-piece wheels is a great option if you're willing to spend the extra cash. Check out our full inventory today and let us know if you need help finding the right set - don't forget that when you package your wheels with new tires, the mounting, balancing, and shipping are all free!

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