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Why BC Racing Suspension Has The Best Coilover Lineup

June 2, 2022

Features and Specs Of BC Racing Coilovers

Choosing what coilovers are right for your ride can be a very daunting task, full of long, scary words like "digressive pistons," "inverted shocks," "twin tubes," "model tubes" and "compression damping." And for the love of all things Fast and Furious, what the hell do swift spring upgrades do?

After this blog you'll be an expert because, using BC Racing's top-tier suspension lineup, we're going to teach you everything you need to know about coilovers, how they work, and most importantly, the differences between entry-level models up to race tier products.

BC Racing BR Series coilovers

Performance and Design of BC Racing BR Series Coilovers

First off in the BC Racing lineup is the BR series, a street-oriented, racing-capable coilover. This is one of our most popular-selling coilovers, and that's for good reason. It offers a monotube shock design and adjustable body so you won't be messing around with spring preload and shock travel length, but our favorite part is the adjusted damping and rebound compression adjustment that these coilovers offer. You'll get thirty clicks left and right, so you can make this thing as soft or hard as you want for whatever you're doing, whether that's street or track driving.

The BC Racing BR Series comes with a one-year warranty and hammer castor plates for added value, and they start at under a thousand dollars for most applications - we recommend this to almost anybody looking for a suspension setup where they're not going to be tracking their vehicles all the time.

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BC Racing DS Series coilover

Performance and Design of BC Racing DS Series Coilovers

Moving on, we'll jump to the BC Racing DS Series coilover, which is more of your entry-level coilover for road course uses. This has a monotube shock design like the BR series, but has digressive piston damping curves as well. Basically what this means is that during low speed impacts, you'll have a stiffer setup, so if you're going down the street at the racetrack and you've got to slam the brakes, this coilover will stay stiffened. You'll have less body roll, but over high-speed stuff it'll be softer and more compliant - it's really cool technology.

The difference between the DS and BR series visually is that the DS has some silver threading throughout the coilover, whereas the BR is just painted black. You'll still have height adjustability, simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment among others, but the digressive damping curve is what sets the DS apart from the BR.

BC Racing ER Series coilover

Performance and Design of BC Racing ER Series Coilovers

Let's take a look at something a bit more serious, in the BC Racing ER Series - this coilover is for extended track use. Like everything else, it features camber plates and an adjustable body, though there's also a swift spring option. Swift springs are an upgrade that can help you retain spring rates, but it'll act a bit softer and won't sag over time - it's really worth it for guys that want a more compliant ride without giving up any performance.

The ER Series also offers custom valving to match your custom spring rates, but what really makes it special is the external reservoir that it features. What that means is that this thing has twin pistons in it, so you'll have damping adjustment independent of compression damping, which is really cool. The external reservoir also helps with heat dissipation under extreme conditions too. All of these are added bonuses especially if you're tracking, because these coilovers can handle an aggressive track day all day long.

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BC Racing HM Series coilover

Performance and Design of BC Racing HM Series Coilovers

The final coilover we'll be touching on is the BC Racing HM Series - this is for you guys looking to take things to the next level for serious driving enthusiasts. Swift springs are standard on this bad boy, and you'll still have height adjustment via the body. Also, the HM Series offers caster camber plates, and if your application doesn't allow for caster camber plates, you'll also get some pillow ball bearings.

Also on the HM Series is that external reservoir, so you can control the thirty clicks of compression and rebound damping independently, just like the last coilover we talked about - it'll help with heat dissipation as well.

The coolest thing about the HM Series, though, is the inverted shot, which flips the shocks upside down to help with spring weight and help your suspension work a lot more efficiently. All in all, the BC Racing HM Series is super sick, and used in racing applications for the most part.

Shop BC Racing Coilovers At Fitment Industries

BC Racing offers something for everyone, from entry-level enthusiasts to hardcore track drivers. You can get any BC Racing coilover you want in our store, and our team is always happy to help you find the one that best suits your needs. Financing, free shipping and quick delivery are all available!

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