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Cheap Car Mods To Avoid

June 9, 2022

What Car Parts Should You Avoid Buying?

Hey guys! Today, we're gonna talk about the car parts that you should avoid buying - we often tell you what you should be buying, but we don't often talk about the things you should be staying away from, so we wanted to fix that and help you make your car the best it can be without sacrificing any quality.

We've got nine common car mods on the docket today that we'd encourage you to steer away from - check them out below.

2022 Mercedes-Benz S580 with lowering springs

Avoidable Car Mod 1: Visual and Performance Mods Before Maintenance

The first car part that you should avoid buying is any visual or performance mod until your car is reliable, because you need to be able to drive it in order to have fun with it. Go get some oil to keep your car going, replace your fluids, and do the general maintenance required to get your car fixed before you start working on it.

Avoidable Car Mod 2: Cheap Body Kits

One part you should definitely avoid buying is any cheap body kit or arrow bit, especially if it's made of a cheaper polyurethane material, because they generally won't fit very well. If the wrap doesn't fit, it'll start to sag, and once it starts to sag your car will look like crap. Buy some regular parts that fit and you'll be good.

Something we'd recommend here would be a Sabon carbon fiber wrap. It fits great, looks dope, and is super lightweight - we can't recommend it enough, and we sell it, so go buy one.

Avoidable Car Mod 3: OEM Style Brakes

Another part you should avoid buying is a set of OEM-style brakes. When you need to replace your brakes, try and replace them a little bit - it doesn't cost a whole lot more to get some vented and slotted rotors that look a lot cooler, or some more aggressive brake pads so you can stop a little faster, or ceramic pads so you don't get brake dust on your wheels. Since you're replacing them anyway, you might as well get a set that'll look and perform better.

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2022 Honda Civic Sport with lowering springs

Avoidable Car Mod 4: Cheap Exhausts

Up next on our list of things to avoid buying is cheap or no-name exhaust systems. This is a no-brainer, and a lot of us are guilty of buying these because we see them and think "oh, it says 'stainless steel.' It's cheap and I can buy it, and it'll sound better." The reality is often the opposite, because the exhaust then sounds like crap, and the stainless steel is prone to rusting. It just isn't worth it.

So, go buy an exhaust from a name brand or more reputable company - something like MAPerformance, for instance. We started carrying some dope exhausts that they build and they're incredible. They sound great, they're handmade, and they're overall amazing. You really get what you pay for with cheap exhausts, and since they're prone to failing too, if you're spending the money anyway, shoot for something a bit higher quality.

Avoidable Car Mod 5: Cheap Intakes

We told you to stop buying cheap exhausts, and we're also gonna tell you to avoid buying cheap intakes, for the same reason. They're cheap. And the reason that's a problem is that they don't usually fit very well. The installs are difficult, and they come with filters that don't really filter much of anything, which is important because those filters are what stop things coming into your engine and doing some serious damage.

We'd again tell you to buy your intakes from someone reputable - MAPerformance also has intakes just like it does exhaust systems. We carry them, and the filters are really good. Not only that, but they install easily and look really good.

2022 Kia Stinger GT2 with Riaction Coilovers

Avoidable Car Mod 6: Cheap Coilovers

Along the same vein as the previous two mods to avoid, stay away from those cheap coilovers that you might have in your cart on eBay. We recently did a video where Gels tried to install some on his car and he couldn't because they didn't fit. That's the biggest reason these cheaper parts can end up being such an issue - if they don't fit, you'll have to spend the extra money to get them modified in order to, and at the end of the day it ends up costing the same as a quality part that can. So, buy some good coilovers, especially if you're gonna drive your car hard or track it.

One benefit of high quality, name brand coilovers is that you can sometimes get them rebuilt by the company itself if they're taking a lot of abuse - one company known for this is Fortune Auto. Also, with cheap coilovers, you won't have much of any adjustability, and longevity isn't great either - again, when you're going through two or three coilovers in the same timeframe as just owning one quality one, the cost actually goes up, so make sure your investments are sound.

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Avoidable Car Mod 7: Cheap Harnesses

Something that looks really cool in cars, especially ones with aftermarket seats, is a good set of harnesses. This is a spot where we'll tell you to avoid buying cheap, no-name harnesses, because it's a safety device that literally protects you from smoking your beautiful face on your windshield. Buy some good ones, and avoid those cheap ones because even though they might look cool, they could be a wrap of an actual harness.

Keep in mind on your buying search to look for something that has some sort of pedigree or FIA rating to it. While we're at it, we'll just talk about safety in general - avoid buying car parts that are interior mods that you think look cool and have a safety factor to them. This includes harnesses and steering wheels - the last thing you want is for a steering wheel to pop off or anything like that. Just don't buy any safety apparatus that could break down and cause massive issues when you're driving - always try to stay safe.

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Avoidable Car Mod 8: Cheap Lighting

Make sure also to avoid buying cheap, no-name taillights, headlights, or any sort of lighting for your car. The main reason for this is that they might not fit great and can end up looking foggy, which decreases your visibility and can end up being a massive hazard to not only you, but other drivers on the road. If you need new lights for your car, go with a reputable manufacturer or your OEM - they know what they're doing.

Avoidable Car Mod 9: Power Adders

The final thing to avoid buying is a gimmicky power adder. This is a broad category, so it could be anything like an electric turbo from Wish that absolutely does not work, all the way to mystery oils that promise five extra horsepower but just end up ruining your motor. If you're reading this and thinking about buying anything that promises you more power, don't. Do your research first.

Shop Aftermarket Car Parts and Accessories At Fitment Industries

We hope this list helps you make the right purchasing decisions for any aftermarket part you want for your car - our inventory is filled with high-quality parts from top-tier manufacturers, and we've made sure that nothing goes into our stock without us first knowing that it'll last, be dependable, and look great. Check out our inventory and find the mod that you've been hunting for - financing and free shipping are both available!

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