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Are Wheel Spacers Actually Safe?

February 7, 2020

Wheel spacers are a bit of a controversial topic. Actually, they are a pretty heated controversial topic. Some love them and say they are a great device for adjusting the offset of your wheels; especially if you make a mistake and buy the wrong wheel due to misjudgment in measurements. 

Others say wheel spacers are the devil and should never, ever be used due to their potential to cause harm to your vehicle. It isn’t that simple, however. While various things can go wrong, it all really comes down to what you are buying and how you are installing your new spacers. 

We will be going over spacers as a whole and whether if it is a good idea to run them or not. There’s a lot of love and hate for these things. So, let’s get to it! 

Wheel Spacer

1. What are Wheel Spacers and What are the Pros? 

Wheel spacers are devices that are used to extend the wheel and tires further out; to put it in simple terms. They go over the holding bracket of the car creating a more positive wheel offset. A number of benefits and reasons why people end up using these are as follows. 

● Aesthetic purposes. 

● Increased performance. 

● They bought the wrong wheel. 

There are both functional and aesthetic reasons for why someone would run wheel spacers. With advantages like these, you might be wondering why would anyone dismiss something like this. There are indeed great benefits to using spacers but they also come with drawbacks. 

2. The Bad News 

For example, they may increase the wear of the bearings, axles, and hubs since the vehicle you are driving likely weren’t designed for the additional width you set it to; depending on how far out you are going with your wheel offset of course. You also run the risk of nightmare scenarios where your wheel comes flying off as you are driving if you failed to install them correctly. 

There also have been reports of spacers basically “welding” themselves to your wheel which results in the trusty sledgehammer being brought out. As you might have guessed, spacers attained a bad reputation in the community for a reason but it isn’t so black and white as it may seem. 

We will be diving into the ins and outs of spacers and what precautions and must-dos to follow to ensure that all the worst-case scenarios do not happen to you! Many people happily use these in their daily life without trouble and you can be one of those people. 

S4 Wheel SpacerS4 Wheel Spacer Close

3. Differences in Wheel Spacers 

A big first mistake a lot of people make when it comes to wheel spacers is getting one of poor quality. You’ll see a lot of no name, poor quality spacers on eBay that is sold for an extremely low price and this is one of the reasons why people end up having a poor experience with spacers. When there is a weak point in the thing that is holding your wheels onto the car then that will have disaster written all over it. 

4. Things to Look for When Buying Wheel Spacers 

When looking for a spacer, there are going to be things you want to look for such as the materials used, if it has a hub-centric ring to aid with weight rotation and what brand your product is coming from; all of these things are going to make a difference. 

5. Example of a High-Quality Wheel Spacer 

A good example of a high-quality spacer that we recommend you take a look at if you plan to get a spacer is the line of Adaptec spacers. They are made out of T60, 61 Aircraft Grade aluminum with 10.1 steel studs, and a hub-centric ring. The materials and build quality are going to set you up for success when running spacers. This is just one example of many out there, however. A good general rule of thumb is to go with a trusted brand to start with and look for quality, durable materials. 

Subaru Wheel SpacerSubaru Wheel Spacer Rear

6. Why You Shouldn’t Cheap Out

The problem with cheaper spacers is that they are not very resistant to heat due to the lower melting point of the metals used. You end up with problems such as your spacer getting nearly welded with the wheel which is something we touched on earlier. This is a reason why you do not want to go for the cheapest spacers you can find. Like with any other aftermarket car part, especially something designed for functionality, you can get junk that will make your driving experience worse than it was before. 

But low pricing does not mean “junk” by default when it comes to aftermarket parts, however, not at all! Once you get into looking around for aftermarket parts in general, it will eventually become common-sense when something is too good to be true. We touch on a lot of lower-cost wheels/tires/suspension that offers great bang for the buck; you can have a look at our other blog posts touching on some of this! 

Wheel Spacer 2

7. Proper Installation and Cautions

Having a spacer of good quality isn’t the only thing that will prevent you from issues. The installation itself is going to make or break your experience. These things are attached to fast spinning wheels rolling down the road from anywhere between 1 and 200+ MPH depending on what you are doing and so proper fitting to ensure your wheel doesn’t fly off is critical. 

Your most important rule to follow is tightening the studs properly. For example, you should be able to rotate your studs 6.5-8 times to get them seated properly. If you are unable to rotate your studs to this degree then looking for wheel spacers with lug studs included should do the trick. 

Regarding those additional lug studs, you now have an additional asset sticking out of your spacers that your wheels also attach to, unless you grind them down you will have your wheels sticking out a bit more than originally intended. This will lead to issues such as balance and potential wheel loss. This is why it is crucial to trim those studs so that they are short enough that your wheel can fit snugly against the spacer. 

The bigger your wheel spacer is, the more potential problems you may have and thus you should proceed with caution if you are looking to go past a 25mm spacer. 

370Z Wheel Spacer370Z Wheel Spacer Front

In the End 

There are complications with wheel spacers for sure but doing them correctly will yield rewarding results! If you are planning on getting yourself a set, just do your research and measurements and follow proper installation. You will be on your way to a successful relationship with these controversial items! 

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