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Are Slammed Cars Safe To Drive?

June 16, 2022

Are slammed cars safe? Are eyebrows facial hair? Which letter is silent in "scent"? There are often questions that leave us bewildered, and usually asking more questions, but we've got a pretty solid answer for the first one at least. Today, we're gonna be talking about if slammed cars are safe to drive, as well as some other things you should know about these setups.

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Slammed 2016 Ford Mustang EcoBoost with Air Lift air suspension

What Parts Are Used For Slammed Car Setups?

Slammed cars are a rare breed - when we talk about them, we're usually referring to the ones that you'll often find on the ground, static, or just straight coilover setups. You can slam a car on air, but at the end of the day, you can just raise it back up again, which is cheating and doesn't count.

How Did Slammed Cars Become Popular?

Slammed static cars found refuge in the drifting and international Japanese car scene. For drifting, it was honestly style points to have a slammed setup - there are a couple of other factors that went into it, but nothing looks better than a properly static car going sideways in a plume of beautiful white smoke.

For the Japanese culture, it was all about the style and excess. Car shows in Japan would often find slammed cars that took inspiration from the shops of Liberty Walk, like RWB, Rocket Bunny, and all that good stuff. Most car trends in the USA actually do start overseas first, and it didn't take long for slammed car styling to follow suit in the country that bleeds red, white, and blue - that's us.

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Slammed 2018 Toyota C-HR with Niche Vice wheels

Differences Of Slammed Cars vs. Other Lowered Vehicles

The moment slammed cars became a thing, people began to question their safety and legitimacy in car culture. After all, it did look a little odd when you would pull into a parking spot and just destroy your front bumper on the way through. So that's why it begs the question - are they safe?

Slammed cars feature a plethora of variables that don't exist in your typical lowered vehicle. First, everything is way closer to the ground, which makes you a little more vulnerable - someone slams their BMW, and not moments later, their oil pan decides it no longer wants to be a part of the car and would rather hang out next to a pothole and chat about life.

Not only that, but the slammed vehicle itself physically requires more work to get through inclines and declines, resulting in the oh-so-popular videos of them getting stuck on their way into a parking lot, and/or over a speed bump. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're unsafe, maybe just a little bit less functional.

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When Are Slammed Cars Unsafe To Drive?

Except for any beautiful sunny weather, you're gonna have to deal with a lot of inclement weather issues, which tend to make your slammed vehicle unsafe to drive. In Wisconsin, we only get nice weather every three to five months anyway, but a slammed car in any type of inclement weather - especially rain - is not safe.

Hydroplaning can happen more easily as water has a more difficult time escaping from the cars driving past since half of your tire is rubbing against your fender liner and the other half isn't touching the ground. Also, if you've gotta get that fitment and the camber to what you want, a lot of times your tires won't be able to do their jobs.

Loss of traction commonly occurs on slammed cars as well, and the changed geometry of a lowered car can ultimately affect how the car behaves entirely. Slammed cars generally have more dangers when compared to lowered ones on normal coilovers, and it's hard to drive on just about any road that isn't perfect.

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Should You Slam Your Car?

Just like anything else, when it comes down to cars, some people just don't want to mod them for function - they just want them to look cool. And you know what? That's cool - do whatever you want. But like any other mod, you have to be safe, smart, and careful if you do slam your car, and you'll probably be fine. You might get stuck, and you might not be able to get over that speed bump, but you'll look really good while you're waiting for a buddy to come and push it.

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Also, you're welcome to check out our fitment gallery and see some of the best slammed setups that fellow enthusiasts have built - if you're stuck, we'll bet that you can get the inspiration you need for your build.

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