Anovia Elder Car Wheel Review

August 22, 2022

Is The Anovia Elder A Good Car Wheel?

What's going on guys? Welcome back to our review series on Anovia's top wheels - as you know, Anovia is a recent player to the car wheel market, but they're here to play and change the aftermarket wheel game forever. Our last OG Anovia wheel review will be touching on the Elder, which has grown to be a hugely popular wheel for just about every driver out there. So let's dive right into it and see what the Elder has in store!

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Teal Anovia Elder wheel on 2021 Toyota GR Supra

Anovia Elder Naming and Construction Philosophy

The Anovia Elder is the result of our own in-house team of fitment experts, who came together and created this wheel to the exact specs and design features that today's drivers are looking for, based on massive amounts of data that we've collected after being at the center of the wheel industry for years now. The Elder follows all other Anovia wheels by following three core principles that drive its manufacturing and design techniques: Function, Presence, and Passion.

Function is handled by focusing on state of the art technology to create a wheel that is not only lightweight, but can withstand the abuse of high-performance driving. Presence refers to the way Anovia wheels are crafted, to look just as good as they perform. And Passion comes to play because every wheel Anovia creates has a unique story behind it. The Elder itself is named after Dutch renaissance artist Peter Bruegel, known as "The Elder" in his time.

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2020 Honda Civic with closeup shot of Anovia Elder wheel

Anovia Elder Design Cues and Features

So, let's get into the Elder's design and see what we're working with. This thing is absolutely packed with detail, and the first thing you'll notice is the ridiculous amount of concavity that it features. Starting with the very outermost lip, you'll notice an almost double-lip for lack of a better term. The lip design swoops down and back out to give you an almost floating wheel - this not only provides extra strength with help from the recessed lip design, but it also maximizes the amount of concavity that we can get from this wheel. We love this little design cue, because it gives you a nice added feature when the light reflects off the surface.

From there, you're met with this very deep stepped lip that swoops back at an angle, followed by yet another angle change before it merges with the barrel. Again, the way the lighting plays a role with these angles is an incredible example of attention to detail. Of course, you also have the debossed Anovia text and the debossed logo on the opposing side.

Coming back out to focus on the spokes, you'll see an almost-split seven-spoke design here which is twisted to make it a directional wheel. However, Anovia has done something to make this wheel very special - they call it Deco Directional, and what that means is that these wheels are actually truly directional. They have a true left and right side, so the design is always cutting and never mismatched side to side.

On the edge of the spokes you'll actually have super complex milling - if you look at the spokes as a set of seven Y's, there is a double-stepped milling process in between each Y, and moving forward you can see that the face of the wheel takes a sharp angle downward onto the flat center surface that houses the flat center cap. We love flat center caps, as they tie in the entire wheel concept into an aggressive yet elegant wheel design.

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2020 Kia Forte with Anovia Elder wheels in Brushed Apollo Silver

Anovia Elder Weight Rating and Manufacturing Process

What blows our mind most of all about the Elder is that you're still able to have a wheel that looks good and still performs. For the 19x11 size, by example, the Elder weighs in at just 22.9 pounds. That's absolutely insane to be able to put a wheel of this diameter, width, and offset on your vehicle and still come in with a wheel that's nearly equal to a factory 19x9 size.

Anovia achieves this weight saving through a process they call ArtFormed, a rotary forming process that aligns the grain structure of the barrel, making for a thinner, stronger and lighter barrel. This allows the Elder to have a weight range between 19.1 pounds and 22.9 pounds at its max for a 19x11 +7 size.

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2020 Honda Civic with Anovia Elder wheels in Machined Silver

Anovia Elder Wheel Sizing and Finish Options

Now that we've covered weight, let's get into the sizing options for the Elder. It's available in 18 and 19 inch configurations, and the 18s are available in 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5-inch widths, with offsets of +7, 12, 15, 22, 25, and 35. Bolt patterns for the Elder come in at 5x100, 5x112, 5x114.3, and 5x120, so you're gonna be able to put these on just about anything - the offsets offered here, however, are really gonna maximize that perfect fitment you're looking for on 370Z and G-Series cars.

Finishes for the Elder are available in Rodin Bronze and a nice Brushed Apollo Silver - the latter option has a brushed face with a bit darker silver on the inlays.

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How Much Does The Anovia Elder Car Wheel Cost and Where Can I Get One?

The Elder starts at $1020 for a set of four 18x8.5s, and tops out at only $1400 for a massive set of 19x11 +7s. They're in stock and ready to ship for free, so head over to our store and get yours now - don't forget that if you package your Elder wheels with new tires, we'll handle the mounting, balancing, and shipping for free. Also, check out our fitment gallery to see how the Elder will fit on builds like yours, and get the inspiration you need!

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