BBS CH-R Car Wheel Review

August 26, 2022

Is The BBS CH-R A Good Car Wheel?

Welcome back to our review series, everybody! Today, we'll be looking at one of our favorite wheels of all time, from a company that has been a staple in the performance wheel game for some time now. We're talking, of course, about the BBS CH-R - this is gonna be a good one, so pull up a chair and check out what makes this wheel so one of a kind.

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2017 BMW M240i with BBS CH-R wheel

Top Design Features of the BBS CH-R Car Wheel

BBS was founded in 1970 and, thanks to models like its CH-R, has been paving the way for the modern aftermarket wheel industry ever since on the back of the stunning quality that each of its wheels brings to the table. Started in Germany by two racers, BBS was founded to give drivers high-quality wheels that were durable and lightweight at an inexpensive price point, and that shows in the design that the CH-R brings to the table.

Starting with the outermost portion of the wheel, you can see a sort of polished aluminum lip here. This is actually BBS' innovative lip protector, and was designed to be replaceable. That means that if you curb your wheels or get some rock chips from an aggressive track day, you just need to get a new one of these and your wheels will be good as new - from here, our eyes go straight to the aggressive step lip.

Moving onto the spoke design itself, the CH-R is configured from seven spokes that all split into a Y formation, which gives the wheel its multi-mesh patterning. Following the spokes inward, you do see a little bit of concavity in the spoke design itself. Then, as you get in towards the middle of the face into the center cap surface, the concavity gets pretty aggressive, where you're introduced to motorsport lettering that's actually laser-engraved into the surface. From here, you get to the ever-so-slightly raised BBS center cap, which gives a nice hint of depth as you start to see shadowing around the raised edges - we love this wheel, and it's such a staple of classic motorsports design.

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2017 Mazda6 with BBS CH-R wheels

BBS CH-R Wheel Construction Features and Weight

A good motorsport wheel is all about ultimate strength for the least amount of material, and you can see proof of this all over the place from the CH-R's reforming manufacturing process to its back spokes, which all come together to make this one of the strongest wheels in its market. At just 23.6 pounds for an 18x8.5 size, the C-HR is one of the lightest wheels you can buy, and it's synonymous with bridging heritage and success together in one package.

Our favorite part of the wheel (and the brand overall) though is its unrivaled quality. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest wheels that we've seen in a long time - they're 100% manufactured in Germany, and go through extensive testing from start to finish. Each individual casting job is X-rated to ensure that there are no defects in the manufacturing process, and then they're heat treated, flow formed, and painted with environmentally-friendly paints that comply with 100% of quality standards. Meticulous quality standards ensure that BBS wheels always present an immaculate finish, and it shows. Throughout all the wheels we've inspected, we've found zero defects, which is a massive testament to the quality and craftsmanship that BBS is famous for.

2016 Audi A4 with BBS CH-R wheels

BBS CH-R Pricing, Sizing and Finish Options

So, what does something of this quality actually cost, then? The smallest CH-R wheel you can buy - in 18x8 - starts at $2200, and then they top out at $3600 for a ridiculously-sized $3600. Speaking of sizing, the 18s will hit widths of 8, 8.5, and 9 inches, with offsets ranging from +38 to +47. As for the 19s, you'll see everything from 8 inch wide wheels to 12-wides, with offsets from +32 to +56. Big baller 20s will come in 8 to 12 inch wides with offsets from +25 to +65.

Bolt patterns for the CH-R are a little more exclusive, as your options are 5x120, 5x114.3, and 5x130 for you Porsche drivers out there. You'll have three finish options, including a Brilliant Silver, TItanium, and Black. You'll see a lot of these wheels on popular German models like Audi and Volkswagen, though it's not uncommon to see them on other cars from INFINITI and so on.

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