Ferrada CM1 Car Wheel Review

August 29, 2022

Is the Ferrada CM1 A Good Car Wheel?

If you've been looking for a wheel that absolutely nails it in the concavity game while still having the looks to break necks wherever you go, allow us to introduce you to the Ferrada CM1, one of the top aftermarket wheels that money can buy no matter what you drive. Today, we'll be going through the top design features and other specs that the CM1 brings to the table, and show you how you can grab a set for yourself. Let's dive right in!

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2022 Genesis G70 with Ferrada CM1 wheels

Ferrada CM1 Design Features and Spoke Configuration

The Ferrada CM1 is, simply put, absolutely perfect. Just look at it - first off, it's massive, and has an unbelievable amount of concavity with sharp, progressive edges, a large lip, and tons of detail. Let's start with the outermost portion first - the CM1 features a nice, deep, curved lip that flows back further than the face of the wheel to give it a sort of floating spoke.

From there, the design steps back out where you're met with an angled step lip that both meets the edges of the spoke design and runs back to become a part of the barrel. This is where they show off that embossed Ferrada text, and from there, the spokes rocket forward without contacting the lip again, making for that aggressive folding spoke look before it shoots back rearward at a very aggressive angle to give it an abundance of concavity.

The details of the spokes themselves are what really get us going, though - you have a split five-spoke design, but if you take a closer look at the details, there's an additional window milled out of the outer portion that looks both aggressive and luxurious, which is a super neat touch. Moving down to that lug full area, you can see that it's nice and flat, and we're still keeping some of that detail on the matching center cap.

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2021 Toyota Camry XSE with Ferrada CM1 wheels

Sizing, Pricing and Finish Options of the Ferrada CM1

The Ferrada CM1 is one of the most aggressive concave wheels in the game right now, though sizing on it is limited to 20 and 22-inch diameters, with widths ranging from 8.5 to 11.5 inches wide, hitting half-inch increments between all of them. Bolt patterns will hit your major steps for cars running big wheels, and the CM1 is available to fit the following pattern layouts:

  • 5x112
  • 5x114.3
  • 5x115
  • 5x120
  • 5x127
  • 5x130

The CM1s start at $2000 for a set of four 20x8.5s, and they top out at $3020 for the 22x11.5 size, with the most popular selling wheel being a 20x11 that goes for $2400. Finishes on the CM1 are available in a copper-esque color called Cobra, which you can get with either a Chrome or Gloss Black lip. Then, you can go with the Matte Black face with a Chrome lip or a Matte Graphite face with a Gloss Black lip. There are awesome combinations here, and it's really neat to see just how a guy could really tailor the variations of these colors with the theme of their vehicle.

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The best part about the Ferrada CM1 is that it's available right now and ready to ship to your door. If you package some tires with your new wheels, we'll even give you a bit more of a discount, with free mounting, balancing, and shipping - so, check out our CM1 inventory and get yours today!

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