Ferrada CM2 Car Wheel Review

August 30, 2022

Is the Ferrada CM2 A Good Car Wheel?

Hey everyone! Welcome back - today, we're taking a look at a wheel from Ferrada that's gonna blow your freaking face off. Literally. Yesterday we covered Ferrada's iconic CM1 wheel, and today, we want to take a look at another member of the brand's lineup that brings its own vibe to the table, appropriately titled the CM2. Let's jump right in and show you what this thing can do!

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2018 INFINITI Q60 with Ferrada CM2 wheels

Ferrada CM2 Design Features and Spoke Construction

This is the Ferrada CM2, and good God, is this thing hot or what? Just look at it - first of all, it's frickin massive, and it has unbelievable amounts of concavity, sharp aggressive edges, and a large lip. Along with that, there are tons of little details throughout to leave anyone and everyone taking a neck-breaking double-take, so let's start with the outermost portion of the wheel itself.

The CM2 features a nice, deep-end curved lip here, and that actually flows back further than the face of the wheel to give it a bit of a multi-piece look. It's executed extremely well, and from there, the design steps back out where you're met with this angled step lip that both meets the outer edge of the spoke design and runs back to be part of the barrel. Then, this is where they show off that embossed Ferrada text - from there, the spokes rocket forward up, contacting the lip again to make for an aggressive floating spoke look before it shoots back rearward for an aggressive angle to give it that huge concavity.

2017 Dodge Charger Daytona Edition with Ferrada CM2 wheels

But it's the details in the spokes that really get us going. Obviously you have a 10-spoke design going here, but if you look a little closer to the details, you'll see it looks more like a five-spoke element to the eye. What they do to accentuate that is they add some design elements to the spokes themselves to almost designate the inside and the outside of that split-spoke sort of design.

As you can then see, the spoke design actually splits out into a V between the lug holes, with the interior of that having a bit of milling and then a really sharp dropping-off edge. The exterior of that V kinda has a wider, smoother profile, but then there's a window or pocket cut right into it. It's an aggressive yet very clean touch, and it's an awesome way to play with the eye and the brain. Moving down to the lug area, you can see that it's nice and flat, and we're still keeping some spoke detail throughout followed by a classic matching finished center cap.

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2018 INFINITI Q60 Luxe Edition with Ferrada CM2 wheels

Ferrada CM2 Sizing, Finish and Pricing Options

This wheel offers some of the most aggressive concavity in the game right now, so sizing here is gonna be a bit limited to 20-inch and 22-inch diameters. Widths range from 8.5-inches wide all the way through an 11.5-inch width, and the bolt pattern options hit your major steps for cars running twenties and bigger; we've listed all available CM2 bolt patterns below:

  • 5x112
  • 5x114.3
  • 5x115
  • 5x120
  • 5x127
  • 5x130

Moving onto finishes, the CM2 is available in a variety of combinations of this Copper S color called Colbeck, which you can get with both a Chrome or even a Gloss Black lip. Then, you can go with a Matte Black face with a Gloss Black or Chrome lip. Finally, you can opt for a Matte Graphite face with a Chrome or Gloss Black lip. All of these are awesome combinations, and it's easy to see how someone could really tailor each variation to the look they're going for.

The CM2s start at $2000 for a set of four 20x8.5s, and they're gonna top out at $3020 for that 22x11, with the most popular-selling 20x11 size coming in at $2400.

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Our favorite part about the Ferrada CM2 is that these bad boys are in stock and ready to ship right now, and if you package some tires with your new wheels, we'll give you a little bit of a discount, mount them for free, and toss in free shipping as well. With that, you can also add on a ceramic coating package that will make these things a breeze to clean and keep them shining for years to come. So, shop the Ferrada CM2 online now and of course, let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help you get the best wheels for your build!

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