ESR RF15 Car Wheel Review

September 8, 2022

Is the ESR RF15 A Good Car Wheel?

What's going on everybody? Welcome back to the blog and our reviews series! Today, we're taking a look at a new wheel from ESR's lineup of rotary formed wheels, the ESR RF-15. It's one of the best-looking wheels that we've seen in quite some time, and it's got the kind of lightweight performance that any driver will be sure to love for their builds. So, let's not waste any time - let's jump right in and see what the RF-15 has in store!

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2016 BMW 328i with ESR RF15 wheels

Design Features and Construction of the ESR RF15

Good God, does the ESR RF-15 look great. We're already suckers for a nice, clean, split five-spoke wheel, but the concavity on this thing really just makes it that much better. You're also gonna notice a lot of other details around this wheel that are both aesthetically pleasing and help reduce its overall weight - this can be seen in the milling around the lug holes in the front, and on the spokes themselves, and also on the pocketing on the back pad. Also, we're really big fans of how ESR recessed the step lip as well, to give it that sort of floating spoke look to maximize the look and depth of this wheel.

ESR RF15 Weight Rating and Pricing Specifics

With the RF15 being rotary formed, you're not gonna get all that added weight on a design like this. It's an 18x10.5 +22, and weighs on our scale at 22.5 pounds - that's pretty wild for a size like this and its big concavity.

Of course, you might be thinking "That's pretty cool, but I bet it must be a really expensive wheel." though, depending on what your definition of "expensive" is, you'd be wrong. The coolest part of rotary forming is that it doesn't cost that much more than a cast wheel to produce, and the savings are gonna get passed on to you, the consumer. In fact, a set of four 18x10.5 wheels will only set you back about $1080. For four of the 18x8.5 wheels, you're looking at $1030, and the largest RF15 size (20x10.15) is still under $1300. Plus, if you package these bad boys together with a set of tires, you'll save even more money because we'll mount, balance, and ship them to you for free.

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2018 Honda Civic with ESR RF15 wheels

How Much Does the ESR RF15 Cost and What Sizes And Finishes Does It Come In?

The ESR RF15 presents a lot of value compared to its competition, and they're available for almost all kinds of different applications. The RF15 is available in 18, 19, and 20 inch diameters, with widths ranging from 8.5 all the way up to 11 inches wide, depending on your width and size that you pick. Offsets will hit -15 all the way up to +45, and bolt patterns are available in 5x100, 5x114.3, and 5x120. You can custom order these in the following patterns as well:

  • 5x105
  • 5x108
  • 5x110
  • 5x112
  • 5x115
  • 5x120.6

To wrap it all up, you can find the ESR RF15 in Brushed Silver or Matte Graphite, both of which can help you get that bold, confident look you've been searching for.

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You're welcome to check out our inventory today if you've got your eyes on a new set of ESR RF15 wheels, as they're available in stock right now and ready to ship right to your door. Or, if you'd rather see how they look on your car before you buy, come visit our fitment gallery and get the build inspiration you need. Hit us up at any time if you need any fitment help before you snag your set of RF15s - we're always happy to lend a hand!

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