Aodhan DS01 Car Wheel Review

September 12, 2022

Is the Aodhan DS01 A Good Car Wheel?

What's up everyone? We're back with another car wheel review, and on deck today we've got none other than the Aodhan DS01, which has been one of the top-selling, highest-reviewed, and most favorite car wheels in the business for some time now. We're gonna be taking a deeper look into it and go over what sizes it's offered in, some of its top design features, and whether or not it'd be a good fit for your car.

Now, we've gone over Aodhan wheels in the past but have never really taken the time to go super in-depth about any of their individual product offerings, besides unboxing them on your YouTube channels. So getting right into it, there's one thing to note about Aodhan as a company, in that they have a few different lineups as far as their wheels go. You have the AH line, more of a JDM-style wheel line, the LS line that's reserved for bigger cars, and their AFF line, which is the start of their flow-formed lineup. Then we have the DS line, which is arguably one of the most popular lines that Aodhan offers. With that said, this is where the DS01 resides, so let's get down to business and show you what it can do!

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2019 Toyota Corolla with Aodhan DS01 wheels

Top Design Features and Best Fitment of the Aodhan DS01

Aodhan's DS series of wheels is meant to cater more to a stance scene, whether that's from slanted Civics to WRXs and even widebody BRZs and FRSs. The DS01 is a very popular wheel for that reason, but it brings much more to the table than just that.

For starters, the actual design of the wheel is super cool. With the DS01, you get a cool, twisted design that also gives you a simulated multi-piece look - we see that with the step lip here as well as the gold hardware, which goes around the base of the wheel. One thing that's important to note as we talk about the face here is that because the DS01 is a single-piece cast wheel, it's not a true multi-piece wheel, and that means that even though it has a twisted design through the face, it's not a fully directional wheel either.

What we mean by this is that if you pick up a set of these wheels and you go ahead and place them out in front of you one by one, they're all gonna look exactly the same, meaning that if you're looking down at them, they'll all twist the same way. What happens, then, is that when you throw them on your car, because there is no left or right side to the wheels, one side will be swooping and one side will be digging. Obviously, that won't be an issue for you if it's not what you're looking for, but it's important to mention in case you thought that this design would allow for that true directional design we all crave.

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2018 Honda Accord with Aodhan DS01 wheels

Finish Options of the Aodhan DS01

The wealth of finish options on the DS01 is another big reason why these guys are so popular. You'll get a high-gloss chrome finish if you want it, but there are other finishes too if you're not looking for something so bright. You'll get a Bronze face with Machined lip; Silver face with Machined lip; Gloss Black; Vacuum Black; and even a Vacuum Gold. The gloss finishes won't be as bright or as shiny as the vacuum finishes, so these are what you'll want to look for if you're looking for something a little duller color-wise.

Available Sizing Options for the Aodhan DS01

The Aodhan DS01 is also available in a pretty decent range of sizes, hence the reason that they're in their very own lineup that caters more to stance. They're offered in both 18 and 19 inches in diameter and at widths ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 inches wide, along with offsets from +35 to +15. This means that you can achieve a pretty aggressive stance with these wheels, which is what we're all looking for at the end of the day.

2015 Honda Civic with Aodhan DS01 wheels

How Much Does the Aodhan DS01 Cost?

Of course, the last reason why the DS01 is so popular is simply due to its pricing figures. These guys are really affordable, and for right around $940, you can get into a set of DS01s in a 18x9.5 configuration with a +35 offset. That's really budget-friendly, and it allows Aodhan to create some of the best wheels in the business for anything that you want to do to your car.

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