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Who Is Aodhan?

August 31, 2020

In today's blog, we will be going through who the heck Aodhan is. Aodhan is a well-known wheel company but no one actually seems to know anything about them, so we did the digging for you and we have everything you need to know about Aodhan below. 

Who is Aodhan?

Aodhan Wheels

Aodhan is a well-known wheel brand, however many don't actually know much about the company itself other than that they make nice wheels. Aodhan is a company out of Hayward, California with more than 10+ years of experience in the wheel design game. The name Aodhan means born of fire and is pronounced odd-han. Their mission is to improve affordable wheels without sacrificing quality. They pride themselves on listening to their customers and always doing what the customer wants. 

2018 volkswagen Jetta SE

Aodhan Wheel History

Aodhan Wheels

The first line Aodhan came out with was the AH series, targeting the JDM scene. It offered many different sizes and finishes, including their famous tiffany blue. This way Aodhan was essentially giving their customers whatever they wanted in a wheel including powder coating and PCD drilling. After the AH Line gained traction and earned the respect of the car enthusiast community, they decided to come out with the DS series. The DS series offered more aggressive and a lot wider wheels for those who are running widebodies or people just wanting a wider wheel on their stock car. The DS line offers 18-19 inch diameters and up to 10 and a half or 11-inch width with some deep lips and offering 3-4 inch lips.

Aodhan AH08

After the DS line dropped, there was another opening in the market they saw and then the LS line was dropped. The LS line targeted new cars with more horsepower, which also meant larger brakes. They took classic styling to enhance the curves of European vehicles and give a very luxurious feel. These wheels needed to clear the big brakes of new cars and be able to handle all the stress from the high horsepower. Finally, the newest line was born, the AFF series. The AFF is a flow forged wheel series. This means it will be strong and light, right now flow forged is definitely trending. Moving forward they have said they want to continue more with flow forged. Check out Aodhan wheels in our gallery. 

2013 Scion FR-S Base

Aodhans 5 Most Popular Wheels

  1. DS02 

  2. DS01 Aodhan DS01

  3. DS07 Aodhan DS07

  4. DS05 Aodhan DS05

  5. DS06 Aodhan DS06

Aodhan DS02





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