Is The Aodhan DS07 A Good Car Wheel?

September 13, 2022

Aodhan DS07 Car Wheel Review

What's going on, ladies and gentlemen? We're back with another wheel review, and this time we're taking a look at another wheel from our friends at Aodhan, in the DS07. The DS07 is the seventh and final wheel currently offered in Aodhan's DS lineup, considered the stance lineup that hosts most of its best-looking and best-performing wheels. With that in mind, we're stoked to show you what it brings to the table, so let's jump right in!

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2020 Subaru WRX with Aodhan DS07 wheels

Top Design Features of the Aodhan DS07

The DS07 is a cast wheel that offers a nice simulated multi-spoke design. We get 10 spokes with the DS07, and it could be considered a multi-spoke design, but 10 is the overall number of spokes that we're working with here - it's overall a really good and fresh look, and we see a nice lip on it as well. You can get a decent sized lip out of the DS07 with the sizes that it offers, and that's also thanks to the simulated multi-piece design that it brings to the table.

We say "simulated" because it's meant to look like a three-piece or two-piece, but it's actually just one single piece of cast aluminum meant to look like another design. Aodhan does this to cut down on prices, and that works tremendously - see, a good two-piece or three-piece wheel can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, but with this kind of simulated, high-quality design that the DS07 offers, you'll be paying a fraction of that for a similar, stellar driving experience.

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2021 Toyota Corolla SE with Aodhan DS07 wheels

Finish and Sizing Options on the Aodhan DS07

Moving on, we should let you know all the finish options that you can expect from your set of DS07 wheels. The first one (that we're highlighting in the video up top) is available in Bronze with a Machined lip, though you'll get two other finishes to pick from as well - Gloss Black, and Silver.

As far as size goes, the DS07 is a little bit limited, with the only options for you being between 18 and 19 inches. However, that's on purpose, because these sizes mean that the DS07 is intended to work just fine on both widebody cars and cars that are running more of a stanced look. Because of that, these guys are offered in a more conservative 8.5 inches of width, but you can jump that up to 11 inches wide too. 19x11 is the largest size you'll find on the DS07, which, paired with a lower offset like +15, is a perfect candidate for a stance look that drivers crave.

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