Rotiform BLQ Car Wheel Review

September 19, 2022

Is the Rotiform BLQ A Good Car Wheel?

What's going on everyone? Today, we're back at it and looking at a wheel from Rotiform that's been absolutely killing the entry-level aftermarket wheel game. It's the BLQ, a highly accessible, great looking, and high-performing car wheel that can do everything you need it to and more. Come in today and check out what the BLQ brings to the table, and why you need one on your ride!

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2018 Volkswagen GTI with Rotiform BLQ wheels

Top Design Features of the Rotiform BLQ Car Wheel

The Rotiform BLQ is one of the most popular car wheels out there, and that's for good reason - it's got the perfect amount of busyness. This thing offers angular aggression, squared off edges, concavity, and multiple shapes within itself without going overboard. Starting with the outer rim, you're gonna see a pretty prominent little lip running all the way around it, with a nearly immediate step down on the outside where the spoke design comes to the edge.

From the step down, you'll see that the barrel design starts to roll back in an angle where it then forms its step lips, and of course, the embossed Rotiform logo right there looks real hot. Moving onto the spoke design itself, starting from the outside and moving in, you have a more-or-less traditional split ten-spoke design taking up the majority of the wheel, but where this thing really knocks it out of the park is how the design crosses over around the center, providing smaller triangles which allow them to put small, angular indentations at the rim of the center cap.

Speaking of the center cap surface, we love the flat center cap - it's undoubtedly the best thing anyone can ever do to a wheel. Then, you see a solid bit of concavity over the entire spoke design itself as well, leading to a wheel that just looks flawless.

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2021 Subaru WRX with Rotiform BLQ wheels

Sizing and Pricing of the Rotiform BLQ Car Wheel

This bad boy weighs in at about 29.2 pounds, so it's kind of on the heavier side of things, but because the BLQ is a fully cast wheel, that means that it's also a lot more affordable to fit within your budget. In fact, the BLQ in an 18.5-inch diameter starts at just $1360, then tops out at $1612 for a full set of 19x8.5 wheels, not bad for a wheel has this much brand recognition with a solid design language.

The BLQ is available in an 18x8.5 and 19x8.5 size with +35, +38, and +45 offsets. Bolt pattern options here are pretty standard - you're gonna be looking at 5x100, 5x112, 5x114.3, and 5x120 as your options here. Moving onto the finishes, the BLQ is available in Matte Black, Candy Red, and then a Silver with a Machined finish.

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