Rotiform RSE Car Wheel Review

September 20, 2022

Is the Rotiform RSE A Good Car Wheel?

What's going on everyone? We're back at it with another quick car wheel review for you guys, this time taking a look at the Rotiform RSE. It's an insanely popular car wheel for enthusiasts of all kinds, and the reason should be obvious - no matter what kind of car you drive, what size wheels it's best compatible with, or what kind of look you're going for, the Rotiform RSE has the styling and performance capabilities you need to help your build stand out. So, come with us today and check out all the top features it brings to the table!

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2021 Honda Accord Sport with Rotiform RSE wheels

Top Design Features of the Rotiform RSE Car Wheel

The RSE features a classic split nine-spoke design, but it's not your average boring nine-spoke design here. The double step lip behind the spokes really adds to the depth of the wheel, as you can see, and it does show off a good bit of concavity as well. But there's even more attention to detail at play here, as the spokes actually come to the center in more of a cross pattern, creating an X shape as they meet.

That spoke design then flows into the nice design surrounding the famous Rotiform center cap - these are some of the coolest center caps on the market, as they're made from a billet aluminum featuring a real threadable cap. All told, it's a fun and functional way to clean up the entire look and feel of the wheel, not to mention that they're fun to install too. Also, since the cap covers the entire bolt pattern section of the wheel, it can get away with a multi-lug bolt pattern setup, making these wheels pretty well able to fit on just about anything out there.

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2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL with Rotiform RSE wheels

Sizing and Bolt Pattern Compatibility of the Rotiform RSE

We're not lying when we tell you that the Rotiform RSE can fit just about any car - it hits on all the top bolt patterns from typical manufacturers, as well as some that may be a little less popular to some. The RSE's bolt pattern compatibility is listed below:

  • 5x108
  • 5x105
  • 5x110
  • 4x98
  • 4x100
  • 4x108
  • 6x115
  • 3x112 (we don't know what this is for, but it's still available!)

Moving onto sizing, you're gonna be looking at the following options, all coming with offsets between +25 and +45:

  • 17x8
  • 17x9
  • 18x8.5
  • 18x9.5
  • 19x8.5
  • 19x10
  • 20x8.5
  • 20x10

Finishes for the Rotiform RSE are available in both Gunmetal and Silver out of the box, but you're welcome to get a custom finish on these bad boys - the only caveat is that they cost a bit extra to do this, but for a top-tier design that matches the rest of your car's look, it's totally worth it.

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The Rotiform RSE is in stock in our inventory right now and ready to ship to your door, so take a look at our store and snag yours today - also, don't forget that if you package your new set of RSEs with new tires, we'll take care of the mounting, balancing, and shipping for free. With all that in mind, there's no reason not to let the Rotiform RSE finish off your car build right!

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