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Why you Should Lower Your Car

October 9, 2018

When it comes to modifying your car, you have a lot of options.

If you don't have a lot of money, typically the mods you'll be looking at are tint, underglow, and aftermarket headlights.

These are all pretty common beginner mods but what if we told you that lowering your car is the best mod you can do?

Let's dive into why you should lower your car!


1. It's the Best First Modification

We always say that the best first modification you can do to your car is suspension. Whether its air, coilovers, or springs, we strongly believe that his modification will be the best thing you do for a long time. 

For the most part, suspension modifications are easy to do. So if you're a beginner, this is definitely a good way to learn about your car while making a huge difference in the way it looks and performs.

This leads us to our next topic.

Bagged MiataBagged Miata

2. You Get Function and Form

This is not the case for a lot of modifications and it's what makes lowering your car so special.

Not only does your car look a lot better but it will also handle a lot better too!

Lowering your car lowers the center of gravity. This will make the car corner a lot flatter than stock.

You will see a huge difference in the way the car handles and looks.

Bagged MK7 GTIMK7 GTI Bagged

3. It's Affordable

When compared to other mods, coilovers and lowering springs are really affordable.

Lowering springs can usually be found under $300!

Coilovers vary but typically are under $1000 and allow you to dial in your ride and your fitment!

Air suspension however, is typically over $2000 and offers the most adjustment but you end up paying quite a bit for the setup.

Lowered CruzeLowered Cruze

4. Nobody Wants Wheel Gap

Seriously. Nobody.

This is where the people that bought wheels first start to regret their decision.

Most aftermarket wheels have a way more aggressive design than the cars that they are going on.

If you buy an aftermarket set of wheels without lowering your car the wheel gap will kill the whole look of your car.

Plus, if you don't lower the car first, chances are your fitment will change and your wheels may not fit anymore.

Honda Accord BC CoiloversHonda Accord BC Coilovers

5. Wrap Up

Long story short, lower your car. Just do it.

It makes your car look better, corner faster, and will ultimately sett the foundation for your build in the future!

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