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Enkei RPF1 Review

August 25, 2020

Let's take a look at one of the most iconic wheels ever made. Found on everything from daily drivers to hardcore track monsters and even show builds, this is truly a wheel that looks as good as it performs. No matter what you drive, chances are this guy will look good on your car. We are of course talking about the one, the only, Enkei RPF1!


1. Design

Enkei RPF1

Chances are that if you've ever been to a car meet or track day, you've seen the RPF1's iconic design. This is a classic, clean, split six-spoke design that seems to fit well on any vehicle. You'll notice a lot of negative space and minimalistic design but it's for functional purposes; we'll get into that later. This is a one-piece wheel so you'll also see a step lip design that looks really good and gives some extra depth to the wheel. Aside from the Enkei logos on the lip, there's not a ton of other things to say about the RPF1. But that's the point! This wheel isn't designed to be the flashiest thing on the road. It's designed to give a simple yet aggressive look with the most possible performance Enkei can deliver. The simple design means that this wheel will suit the styling of everything from a Volkswagen Golf to a C6 Corvette.

Evo X with Enkei RPF1


2. Performance

Gold Enkei RPF1

Performance is where the Enkei RPF1 really shines. This wheel is one of the lightest, strongest wheels on the market today and it's usually the go-to wheel for anyone looking to add to their track or performance build. The split six-spoke design allows the RPF1 to maintain high structural integrity and take a beating on the racetrack. Enkei also uses a special technology that changes the molecules within the metal to strengthen the wheel without adding additional weight. The spokes are also designed to help with brake cooling and reduce rotational mass. When it comes to track wheels, the Enkei RPF1 remains the king.

Nissan 300zx Enkei RPF1

3. Price

Black Enkei RPF1

For the amount of performance, technology, and styling that the RPF1 offers, you'd probably expect that there would be quite a big price tag. But since this is a cast wheel, Enkei was able to design one of the most iconic wheels of all time for an affordable price. Right now you can pick up a set of 18x8.5 wheels for just under $1300 which is an absolute bargain with the looks and performance of the RPF1 that also brings the Enkei nameplate with it.

370z Enkei RPF1

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