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5 Things You Didnt Know About Fitment Industries

September 3, 2020

Here are 5 things that you probably didn't know about Fitment Industries. 

1. There is Actually A Lot of Us

Fitment Industries is made up of more than just Alex believe it or not. We have a full staff of graphic designers, suspension specialists, programmers, photographers, warehouse employees, and more. We are made up of around 100+ people. 


2. We Are Growing Super Fast

Just about a year ago or so our website was super small and our youtube channel only had about 500 subscribers. Now our Youtube channel has over 500,000 subscribers and our fitment gallery on our website is the fastest-growing one in the industry. 


3. We Are Partnered Up With a Different Company

It all started with Custom Offsets, the truck guys. They started in the aftermarket truck wheels, tires, and suspension industry around 2013. They grew so much that they decided to expand into the car market and then Fitment Industries was born. 


4. We Create 35 Graphics a Week...

We are actually working here even though we know sometimes it doesn't seem like it. We also produce over 10 videos a week and post over 150 times on our Instagram. All so that you can be updated on the latest and greatest in the car and aftermarket wheel industry. 


5. We Sell Stuff

We do in fact also sell things, we don't just post about it. We offer wheels, tires, suspension, car cleaning products, merch, and car accessories. You can find all of this on our site here and we make it even easier for you with our fitment gallery, just put your vehicle in and it will pull up everything that will fit your vehicle and the exact links to the items they used in the photos. Check out our gallery here. 




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