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What You Didnt Know About Air Suspension

October 1, 2020

Today we are telling you all of the things that you probably didn't know about air suspension. 


1.  Air Suspension is Everywhere


Something many don't realize is that air suspension is incredibly common. It has been around for a long time. The concept came about in 1920 by a French man. He owned a car company and manufactured cars from 1920 to the early 1930s and instead of putting coil springs in his car, he decided that he was going to put gas bubbles for suspension in his vehicles now we know these as airbags. Now and days air suspension is an option for many different vehicles too. It has even been involved in airplane suspension



2. It is Very Functional


Many people think that air suspension is just for show cars. In reality, we are seeing bags on more and more time attack cars, track cars, and drift cars and they are doing really well with those. The history of airlift started in the stock car racing scene way back when. It allowed for quick and easy adjustability on the track and it has proven that it can perform just as well as coilovers. 



Check out more photos in our gallery.


3.  There are Different Size Air Lines


The standard size for an air line is 1/4 inch and then the 3/8 inch and even up to 1/2 inch. But what is the difference? Why do they offer different sizes? Air suspension works by sending air from the tank, through the air line into the air bag. The bigger the diameter of the line you have running from your management to the airbag itself, the more air you are going to be able to put in that bag, faster. It will fill and deflate faster so if you are looking for a built setup that will get to the next position faster than normal you will probably be looking at the 3/8 inch diameter line, instead of the 1/4 inch line. If you are really crazy you can go for that 1/2 inch line. The bigger that you go though, the harder it will be to feed throughout your car. 


4. We Sell it


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Check out more photos in our gallery.


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