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Is SEMA Worth Going To?

September 3, 2020

As we know, in 2020, SEMA isn't happening. However, hopefully, next year there isn't a global pandemic that cancels everything including car shows. So many of you are probably wondering for the future, is SEMA worth going to? What is it like? We are here to answer all of your questions.


What is SEMA?

It was originally known as the Speed Equipment Market Association and then later had to be changed to Specialty Equipment Market Association due to some complaints about speed being too generational and rambunctious. SEMA was created to bring vehicle enthusiasts together and create a community among them. It started in the basement of the Dodgers stadium with about 5 vendors. As more and more companies came out of the woodworks, SEMA just continued to grow. They ended up moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, and have ultimately stayed there since then. SEMA is now held in the Las Vegas Convention Center. In 2017, 70,000 people attended SEMA. Going to SEMA for a company is a really costly event and just isn't worth it to some brands. This is all case by case of course. All in all, SEMA is the largest trade show for vehicle parts and modifications. This is where you will see the years new innovations, new vehicle trends, new builds, new parts and so, so much more. 




Is SEMA Worth It?

The question that you have all been waiting for, is SEMA worth it? We have decided that if you are in the business, like here at Fitment Industries, and you want to network and get all that you can out of SEMA, then yes it is worth it for you. If you are just a vehicle enthusiast who wants to see cool cars and have some fun, then we don't think it is worth the money or time commitment for you. It would be fun and worth it to go once maybe, but not every year. 



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