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Lets Talk About Stance Wheels

October 1, 2020


Today we are talking all about Stance Wheels!



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Stance Wheels History


Stance wheels are known for their elegance and modern style. We contacted Stance for a little more information about their company and they gladly helped us out. So if you have been interested in Stance wheels keep reading. Stance wheels started out back in 2010 in Whittier, California. The first wheels that they introduced were 15 and 16 inches in diameter and they catered mostly to the old school Honda and Accura scene, like EGs and DC2s and so on.

They make mostly simple, monoblock cast wheels and then in 2012 they came out with their SC series, aka their Stance Concave line. This is when they started to venture into larger wheels like 19 and 20-inch diameters. This line became incredibly popular and put Stance on the map as a huge contender in the aftermarket wheel business.

In 2013, they decided to drop their SF line which is their Stance Flow Forged line. These are a rotary flow forged wheel which ranged from 18-22 inches in diameter. With the SF line, they began their signature wheel ribbed barrels and that helped them to stand out against other brands. These wheels tend to be around anywhere from 20-24 pounds depending on the width and offset of the wheel



See more photos in our gallery.


Most Popular Stance Wheels



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