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Tips for Building on a Budget

February 15, 2020

Lamborghini Cover Photo


If you're here reading this right now, chances are you are not made of money. That's okay, we aren't either!

So you want to build a beautiful car. You work hard for your money and now you want to express and reward yourself in the best way possible. By dumping a ton of money into your ride.

Well luckily, you won't have to take out all of your savings and deplete your 401k because today we are going to give you some tips on how you can build a car on a budget!


1. Research First!

No matter what parts you are looking for, do your research first.

One thing we would recommend looking up is sale dates. Pretty much any retailer or manufacturer will have a sale at some point. Finding out these dates and planning out your purchases according to the sale dates can save you a ton of money!

Generally, there are two months a year when the biggest sales happen; November and March.

November typically has sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday whereas most places have their tax season blowout in March. Some crazy savings can be had during these times.

For example, AirLift is known for having about 25% off during their tax season sales. If you already planned to buy a $3500 AirLift kit, it will be worth your while to wait until this sale comes around because if you save 25% on a $3500 purchase, your savings would be enough to get yourself a new set of wheels!

Bagged M3 VelgenBagged M3 Velgen


2. Measure Twice, Purchase Once.

Reliability, function, and form are some of the most important things that you can do when you buy anything for your car.

When you think about it, you really don't want to buy junk, you want to buy good stuff, or stuff that is decent enough, that gets you to where you want.

Don't try to go the cheapest that you possibly can be because you're ultimately gonna be disappointed unless you plan on taking that car off some sweet jumps just for shits and giggles.

Research, research, and research before making a game plan.

Think twice, buy once, and prioritize. If you really want that wide-body, don't blow your money on something else. Research, plan, and execute.


Slammed CivicSlammed Civic


3. Buy Now, Pay Later

That's right, you can build your dream car right now!

If you found that perfect wheel, tire, and suspension setup and just can't wait, we totally understand and we have your back!

You have the ability to buy from us and pay off the amount monthly with Affirm!

Depending on the amount you choose to spend, you might be able to get a whole new wheel, tire, and suspension setup for a smaller monthly amount than you spend on fast food per month!

Yellow S2000Yellow S2000


4. Wheel and Deal.

When we talk about things that are not budget-friendly, we generally reference large companies where they have set prices and set times for sales like we talked about in the first tip.

However, what we're talking about now are smaller businesses or fabrication shops that might be willing to work with you and maybe even give you a discount if you're willing to represent their business.

Now we're not telling you to go out and build some insane car to gain Instagram followers and go to every fabrication shop and ask for a sponsorship.

But what we are saying is that often times there are small shops making parts for specific cars and a lot of the time, those parts could be for your car!

You get a discount, they get advertising. You help each other out. That's what the car community is all about!


Rat RodRat Rod


5. Don't Fall Into the Hype!

We'll say it again. DON'T FALL INTO THE HYPE!

Build your car for you. Don't listen to what others like. It's your car, your passion, your money. It happens too often where someone will put their own ideas aside to go with what their group of friends think is cool. You are the only one that should be deciding how your car looks. If you want to run Konig Ampliforms on your GTI, then do it! Don't listen to your bros who only want you to be on Rotiforms and bags (not that there is anything wrong with that).

The point is, you work hard for your money and if your car is your way of rewarding yourself, then build it for you and nobody else! Pour your heart and soul into it and don't fall into the hype!

Konig Ampliform GTIKonig Ampliform GTI

Make sure to check out our wheel and tire packages! Don't know what kind of fitment you want or having a hard time deciding what wheels will look good on your car? No worries! Check out our gallery where you can look up your car and see what others are running! You can even order a kit like the one you're looking at in the gallery if you decide that the exact look you want!

Now go build your dreams!


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