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What Its Like Driving a Slammed Static Vehicle

October 1, 2020

Today we are going through what it is like to drive a slammed static car with some pros and cons. 


Static VS Air




Coilovers will be much easier than air suspension. This is because they have simply been around longer, they are easy to swap out, they are easy to install and they are way more available than air. They are also much more affordable than air suspension will be. On top of all of that, they are also more reliable too and they are the go-to option for many. The only cons we could truly come up with for coilovers were that you may bust your knuckle every now and again when you are trying to adjust them and that some people get coilovers and don't use them for their intended purpose. Some people just want a really low car and slam the thing and then scrape it everywhere that they go, and end up with a very loosely goosey feeling car, which we don't want. Finally, the last con is that you will need some knowledge in order to have them, and especially to switch them out. 



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As far as air goes, the first pro would be how funky it can look. When the car is up in the air and it is going down the street it looks like it is running on pogo sticks. As well with air, you can run a lot more aggressive wheels which can look cool or it can look like bunk fitment. Another pro is that you get so much versatility which gives you a ton of dynamic ability, and the ability to change up the look of your car. This is a safer option for the bottom of your car and your oil pan because you won't be scraping it along with every bump on the road. It can be harder to dial in your suspension though. The cons include that there is more to it, which means more can go wrong, it just isn't as easy as coilovers. Finally, the price is our last con, air suspension is inevitably going to be more expensive than coilovers.



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Camber is when there is an outward or inward tilt of the front tires as viewed from the front of the vehicle. If you have improper camber it can make the tire wear on one edge and cause the vehicle to pull to the side with the most positive camber. If done incorrectly you can also crack your wheels too. Make sure to have enough sidewall. Always make sure to do your research when figuring out your fitment and be sure to check out our gallery so that you can always ensure the fitment that you want and the look that you want. 



See more photos in our gallery. 



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