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ACCUAIR ENDO CVT Suspension review

December 6, 2019

If you are tired of your air suspension setup sounding like a jackhammer and/or want a cleaner look for your setup then the folks at Accuair are going to make your day! They have set out to make an air tank that neatly integrates a quiet compressor and valve system; it looks like they have delivered and we think this is a really awesome piece of technology to share. 

Peace and Quiet of Accuair Air Suspension

Probably the most impressive feat as mentioned above is the silence this tank brings thanks to the fact that the compressor is suspended inside the tank between the brackets that hold it in place, this is why the noise is vastly reduced from other systems. Accuair has been heavily pushing this feature and it really is impressive and is going to contribute to a more modern feel. You won’t be waking your neighbors up at 1 am anymore that’s for sure! Unless you like your screaming V8’s of course

Accuair Air Suspension System

Air Suspension Kits AccuAir e-Level & Endo CVT Air Suspension Kit

Audi with Accuair Suspension from our Gallery

1 2014 S5 Audi Premium Plus Accuair Air Suspension Al Forge 1000 Custom

Minimalists will love this

You also might be used to seeing a whole bunch of clutter with a custom air suspension system installation but this is the future and in the future, nobody has time for clutter. This tank is going to help keep your setup look squeaky clean due to the valves and compressor being integrated inside; You will also have trunk space back! Sometimes you just have to haul something once in a while like that black Friday TV you know you are going to buy.

Automatic Water Removal

Moisture is something you have to deal with air suspension setups but Accuair has a system that allows for the built-up humidity and water to be removed automatically so that you won’t have to worry. For you folks up north this is probably going be a sigh of relief!

Installation in 1, 2, 3

As you might have guessed based on the cleanly integrated design of this tank, setup is going to be quite a bit easier than traditional means which is good for getting new users interested in dabbling into modifying their vehicle with air suspension. You’ll get what you need to get it set up without too much hassle. You’ll still need to read the instructions of course but compared to the “old fashioned” way this is a huge time saver.

At first glance of the internals, you may be thinking that not much air is going be able to get into the tank. It certainly looks that way but the system inside the tank is only taking 10% of the air that would otherwise be there.

Sleek but modular

Lastly, this kit is modular which makes cleaning it a breeze when that time comes. You’ll also be able to upgrade to the CVT if you have the T or VT tanks. It’s kind of like upgrading a graphics card in a PC which is great because everyone is familiar with the dreaded I-have-to-buy-a-whole-new-thing-to-get-this-upgrade situation.

Accessibility is key 

This may not be the cheapest way to get started on looking into an air suspension setup but it will make things easier, much quieter and is a solid upgrade from your typical setups. For someone who is looking into their first air suspension modification, the CVT is going to eliminate a lot of confusion.

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