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December 10, 2019

Building the perfect car for yourself is a hobby that will get incredibly expensive, incredibly fast. It doesn’t always have to be this way. With research, patience and a little advice, you can be on your way towards having a car that will be what you want it to be while still being able to afford fuel! In this blog and video we discuss the best ways to build on a budget.

1. Get inspired!

Of effin’ course, we would say this but, seriously, check the aftermarket car gallery on the site you are reading this on! It’s a useful tool for seeing what parts other people are using on the car that you have of varying budgets. What you think might look awesome on your ride COULD end up not being what you expected.

Having a reference to see what you like the look of on your car will be a massive help in deciding what build you want to go for. It’s not fun dropping a large sum of money on wheels, body kits and so on and you end up hating it; but you still pretend it’s the greatest thing ever made because buyer’s remorse sucks.

Here is some inspiration from our Gallery to get started.

9 2003 Wrx Subaru Megan Racing Coilovers Ssr Sp1 Custom

2. Take advantage of sales

The great thing with aftermarket parts is that they will often have hefty discounts during certain times of the year. The major times that many aftermarket part manufacturers will offer discounts are November for Black Friday/Cyber Monday season and March and April for tax season.

Generally, the reason for these wheel deals are manufacturers wanting to get rid of inventory to make way for new stock; pretty much what every company in the history of ever does. 

Wheels, in particular, you can snag for up to 75% off right before or during tax season which is pretty crazy.

3. Look for quality on a budget

While getting those questionable rims from an unnamed shady site might seem like a fantastic idea for the wallet; even on a budget, a wise man once said: “buy once, cry once”. 

Get advice, do research, whatever you need to do to get parts will stick by you through thick and thin. Being on a budget does not mean build something that might last a week, you too can enjoy a slick ride. 

There are tons of quality parts that will save you a pretty penny compared to more expensive offerings, look for brands that are known for producing quality parts for a low price.There’s Enkei for wheels, Tein for coilover suspension and so on. Asking people who really know their stuff will quickly lead you on the fast track of getting products that you will enjoy. 

4. Spread your budget out evenly

When looking to buy multiple parts for a build, don’t get just one luxurious item and then have no money for other good parts. If you want new rims, a body kit, and a spoiler, don’t spend all your resources getting the sweetest luxury rims you can find and then having to either skip out on the other parts to complete your look or having to resort to poor quality.

A lot of times this will result from peer pressure to get THEIR favorite. Friends can be really helpful but you have to do you sometimes!

5. Most importantly, do what YOU like!

This is not necessarily specific to budget building but It applies to all aspiring builders.

I get it, the internet can be a big meanie, but it is important to not let people decide what you should or shouldn't do unless you are seeking advice. You want underglow? go for it! Giant rear wing? As long as it's not illegal, what the hell? Do it! This is your car and your vision! Everyone has their own tastes, what is the point of the freedom of expression cars can bring if we are only allowed to have one certain way of doing things because that one way is seen as "acceptable"?

Get to it and share with us on our gallery! We want to see your vision of what YOU like. You may very well end up inspiring others!

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