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December 15, 2019

Winter is here and that means slipping n’ sliding season, but not the cool drifting kind.

It’s more like the “My RWD performance car tries to kill me if I so much as even think about pressing the gas pedal” kind.


For any car, traction is vital and snow, slush, and ice are dangerous to drive on without the proper traction to handle it.


We have picked out some winter tires that we think are the best overall based on experience and recommending them to others in the past who are now happy with their tires.

There are other winter tires and they may be better options for your particular needs and budget but overall we wanted to just group a few together so the choice on what to buy becomes easier to make.

BRZ WinterBRZ Winter Tires



Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80


This is going to be the tankiest one we share today. This is the one to get if your conditions get relatively extreme. 


Without using too many fancy words, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 uses nanoprotech multi-cell compound.

Ok, that was a mouthful but what it means is that it is going to keep water in check by keeping it away from the treads.

This coating disperses water away from the tires like how a nonstick skillet won’t get wet from water because it’s trying to keep liquids away.


On top of that these tires contain microscopic bite particles that essentially dig into the ice to keep you from sliding around like a bar of soap.

This along with the 3D zigzag sipes and anti-water coating will keep you in place over icy patches.


These tires are also rated top tier for slushy conditions which is a very common road condition that leads to accidents.

Subaru Legacy BlizzakSubaru Legacy Blizzak

Bridgestone Blizzak LM 32 

Bridgestone Blizzak LM32

Designed for the fancy boys in their Aston Martins, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM 32 aims to be a more discrete winter tire that looks sporty and blend in with the vehicles they are intended to be used on.


The tires use polymer tech for winter conditions but it’s not going to be the best for pure function standards but they are significantly better than nothing for conditions with thin layers of snow, water, and slush. 


To get a little more into detail, these tires use rounded shoulders, step independent tread blocks and sipes with thousands of biting edges to dig into snow/ice.

What all this means basically is a tire both good for wet and dry conditions, if you hate changing tires throughout the year then these are a great option. 


Not everyone needs an extreme tire like the WS80, think of LM 32’s like a slim phone case; it won’t survive a war but it provides protection for everyday life. 

BMW 328i BlizzakE46 Blizzak

Firestone Winterforce2

Firestone Winterforce2

Cool name, some of you might even buy it based on name alone but the Firestone Winterforce2 is going to be a really solid tire for those who aren’t looking to spend a lot of money on a set of winter tires but still want the quality and safety a good set provides.


Deep circumferential grooves, wide lateral notches, and open shoulder slots help you laugh at snow and water when the forecast brings the bad news. You can also add studs to these, overall this is a relatively complete winter tire that is going to be cheaper than the other 2 options above.

240sx Winter240sx Winter

So, there you have it

A lot of people have had success in running these 3 tires. With different use cases and audiences, one of these might speak to you after looking into them.