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Top 10 Wheel and Tire Questions

January 4, 2020

There are many questions we get asked regarding wheels and tires, today will be answering the most common ones we get.

1. Do I Want a Deep Lip on Stock Fenders or Suspension?

Well, it’s a bit complicated. What determines the depth to your wheel is the width and offset. If you have a higher offset wheel then the lip is going to be smaller. When you are looking for a lipped wheel that means you are looking for more concavity. You’ll want a really wide and low offset, the most you can get away with in fact. But just make sure to stick within your fitment range, on the Fitment Industries website you can see your fitment range!



2. What Size Tire Should I Go With for My Wheel Width?

It really depends on your preference at the end of the day! A stretched tire set-up would mean you go one size lower, with a standard set-up you just stick to the recommended and for a wider setup you go up a section width. For example, if you wanting a tire fitment with no stretch and you just want it perfect then for example with an 18X10 wheel you’d use a 255-35 tire. With wheels, the first number is height and the second is the width. With tires, the first number is the width, second number is the tire thickness and the third number is the diameter opening for the wheel, so something like this 255x35x18 would be for an 18" wheel.


3. Is Ceramic Coating Actually Worth It?

Yes! It helps with keeping your wheels clean big time, especially if you have a multi-piece wheel or a wheel with lots of holes and crevices. With a ceramic coating, you won’t have to get on your knees and wipe down every spoke and crevice to get a little dirt off. You just wash, rinse and you are done. Learn more about ceramic coating here: https://www.fitmentindustries.com/blogs/123/lets-talk-about-ceramic-coat


4. Should I Worry About the Brake Clearance on My Car?

Most of the time no, not unless you have massive brakes like AMG or Brembo. The good news is that if you are looking to get some new brakes and new wheels, there are a number of car wheel brands that specialize in wheels that give excellent brake clearance such as Konig, Cosmis, and ESR.


When looking for a wheel with good brake clearance, look for something with a lip and deep pocket center. Deep pocket center just means when the spokes are flat but they go all the way in to ensure the mounting surface is away from them. The wheels with spokes that bend are typically going to offer decent brake clearance.


5. I Want a Wheel with a Lot of Concavity! How Do I Get That?

If you want concavity, what you are looking for are essentially wide wheels with low offsets with spokes that go all the way to the end of the wheel. Wheel brands such as Rohana, Ferrada, and Vossen will provide what you are looking for.


6. Can I Buy Wheels First and Tires Second?

It’s not exactly recommended. It’s going to be cheaper to buy wheels and tires together for one due to M.A.P. (minimum advertised price) and packaging pricing, but the other reason why you don’t have to buy them separately is that you can look at a car gallery such as ours to see what is compatible with your vehicle before you buy. Also, when you buy a wheel and tire package from Fitment Industries, we include the balancing and shipping for free!


7. Can I Get a Sponsorship?

We are happy to collab first and see where things go from there!


8. Why Don’t My OEM Lugs Fit on My Aftermarket Wheels?

Aftermarket wheel manufacturers will make their lug holes really small. This can be done for aesthetics but it can also be done for the sake of keeping the pockets where the spokes meet the center as thin as they can be. Pretty much always, you will be needing aftermarket lug nuts/bolts.


9. What’s the Difference Between Matte, Satin, and Gloss?

These wheel finishes will have differing levels of durability and care required.

  • Matte: Matte is non-glossy and won’t reflect. Matte will hold up the most and will look the most consistent while doing a good job covering up wear and tear.
  • Satin: Satin is like a semi-gloss, it’s silky with a pearl sheen to it. Satin is going to require more care due to imperfections standing out more.
  • Gloss: Gloss is the really shiny one. With gloss, if it doesn’t look like it’s just been rolled off the factory line you will quickly notice any damage or dirt to it. Definitely, it looks really amazing when it’s kept up on cleanliness but that comes at the cost of having to worry more about it.


10. What Sort of Wheels Should I Buy?

This is really entirely up to you and what your tastes are. There are a ton of options for style and functionality but the best way to see what you will like on your car if you don’t know yet is to get inspiration by seeing what other people are rocking on their vehicle. The Fitment Industries gallery is perfect for this, you can see what you might like on your car!


What someone else likes might not be what you like and vice versa. Now, if you want to get advice on good wheels for your car there is a ton of help out there online to help you determine what style you want to go for. Questions like what finishes do you like? What spoke design speaks to you? Do you like really big rims or more conserved ones? Are you into wheels with colors such as blue or red? What is your budget? There’s going to be something for everyone but finding “the one” is going to be a little journey to get your exact needs, it will be worth it in the end though! Get started here https://www.fitmentindustries.com/wheels-tires.

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