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5 Best All-Season Car Tires

January 6, 2020

Tires are like the pillar of a car and for a lot of people they just need a tire to be able to work well in a variety of conditions. Not everyone is really looking to slap on grippy race tires every time it gets sunny outside or having to change into winter tires every year. Sometimes, you just want to put on a tire and it just works and that’s why we are here today! 

We will be diving into 5 different all-season tires that we consider are excellent value for the money for being reliable and usable in all seasons and weather conditions 

1. Nitto Neogen

Originally designed for aftermarket enthusiasts, the Nitto Neogen is a tire designed to provide you with good performance that can be used in different conditions and won’t break the bank. This tire will provide great stability, reduced flex, reduced shred flex, and the tire will wear evenly due to the inner shoulder block being one continuous piece. A lot of people who love their camber will pick up this tire due to the negative camber contact points. 

Like the other tires we will be talking about in this list, this will do a decent job of fighting off slush and water. It’s also a pretty quiet tire; overall you can’t go wrong with the Neogen, it’s versatile, provides a nice ride and it’s not too expensive.

2. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

Continental tires is a great company behind this tires and we are REALLY confident that you’ll love these bad boys. The Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 comes with a 50k mile warranty, 3 years of roadside assistance and a 60-day trial, making them a tires you will confident rolling down the street with. There’s a good reason for that too, these tires really hate water and snow but they are also functional in dry summer conditions.

This is not the cheapest tire, but if you are looking for a tire that can tackle all year-round conditions that you know will be extremely reliable with excellent speed and tread wear ratings with a warranty to keep you in total peace of mind, you really can’t go wrong here. 

3. Toyo Extensa HP 2

Designed for dry and wet conditions, the Extensa HP 2 is a tire-set that will be fantastic for folks who don’t get a ton of snow. That’s the thing, these Toyo Tires aren’t really aiming to tackle snow like the last tire on this list. 

That said, there is a lot to love here; unidirectional tread design, double cut tapered lines to improve hard breaking, and, 4 million siping channels to provide a quiet ride and decent tire life.

Look into these if you:

  • Live in an area that gets little to no snow.
  • Don’t mind changing into winter tires for heavy winter conditions.
  • Want a tire that looks good.
  • You want something more dedicated to providing fantastic dry and wet driving

Overall, we are really big fans of this tire; stylish, functional and relatively affordable, these are a top choice.

4. Hankook Ventus Concept V

The Hankook Venutus Concept V is a tire really meant for smaller wheels. You won’t find much in the way of wide options but if you are ok with that then this a real treat. With carbon compounds, this will be a tire that will last for an eternity and since we are talking about best bang for your buck, that’s going to be a key feature right there! If you are looking for something to toss on a daily driver and forget about it then this is the one to get. The pricing on these Hankook tires is also really competitive due to the fact they stick to a more specific tire size range.

5. Yokohama Advan Sport AS

Another choice for true all-season driving, the Yokohama Advan Sport AS is designed to tackle any common all-season conditions and will provide you with nice performance for those who do their sporty driving. These Yokohama tires have performance shoulder blocks to provide grip in corners. Moving into the slightly inner part of the tire, there is an additional 2 in 1 block to further provide grip.

What you might notice with this tire is the asymmetrical tread design with a ton of blocks, this is the reason why this tire can end up performing as both a performance-based tire and an all-season one. You have your standard sipes and grooves to help with water and snow, but each block will have different sizing and sipes to aid in providing a quiet ride.

Wrapping things up

Those were the top 5 all-season tires that we really like for their bang for buck ratio. No matter what tire you are looking to use, it’s important to ensure that it meets the conditions you use those tires on, stay safe and drive on!

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