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Best Value Car Suspensions

January 7, 2020

So, you are looking for a new car suspension set but don’t exactly want to throw the entire piggy bank into one. Well, today is your day because we will be going over 4 different suspension sets that we really like for their overall value. You will be getting a relatively quality suspension at a relatively affordable price with these, so, before looking at the high end, consider taking a look at these!

These will have different themes but all are going to be on this list for:

  1. Quality and durability for the dollar
  2. Features for the dollar
  3. Being competitive relative to the competition
  4. Not costing $6,000

1. Fortune Auto 500

Ok, admittedly we are not starting off exactly “cheap” here but don’t you worry, that is coming up next! The theme here is quality for the dollar and the Fortune Auto 500 is a product that is really something special. The thing with the 500 is that it’s made by Fortune Auto, a relatively small company whose focus is to make products that will last you years with constant usage, this is backed up by a 5-year warranty. The coilovers are also individually tested so it’s kind of like a small local coffee shop who does it with love.

Now, a little about the Auto 500. It’s designed to be a daily driver coilover and it’s rebuildable which means you can repair it yourself or build it up to another series of coilover. The modularity, high-quality components, and testing are what end up putting this kit on the list. 

2. Tein Flex Z

Now, here is the cheap one. But do not be fooled! The Tein Flex Z is a kit that is going to be perfect for those who want something really affordable that will also provide you with the adjustability and ride quality that will leave you satisfied. This coilover features an upper mount, twin-tube structure, rustproofing, full damping force adjustability and is compatible with Tein’s EDFC tech. So, you are basically getting a reliable, durable coilover with the potential for upgradability with some adjustability.

Tein also has a ton of applications for this coilover to really get you the specific thing that you need. Read more about the Tein Flex Z here: https://www.fitmentindustries.com/blogs/183/are-affordable-coilovers-worth-it-tein-flex-z-unboxing


3. BC Racing BR series

The BC Racing BR series one is going to be really good for the people who like to track their car. This coilover is designed with both daily driving and tracking in mind and so this is going to be a great bang for your buck for you more serious drivers out there. BC Racing gets a lot of love for their bang for buck ratio and so it was only destiny we would be putting them on here today.

You have your typical ability for ride height adjustability; what a lot of people look into coilovers for in the first place, but other features for this coilover include:

  • Mounted tube shock design
  • Fully rebuildable like the Fortune 500
  • Different available custom valving and spring rates
  • Comes in many different applications

4. Silvers

Silvers is a coilover brand that is relatively new to the U.S, their focus when it comes to car coilovers is making them strong, durable and long-lasting. At the end of the day, when your car suspension is the very thing that even lets you drive a car, isn’t that the dream? Silvers suspension loves to use fancy descriptions on why their coilovers are so strong, so here they are:

  • 5W damper oil
  • Carbon steel
  • Seamless shock tubed
  • 6061 front camber plates 
  • Height adjustability through a lower bracket

Another cool thing with Silvers is their catering to more niche platforms, this can be attributed to their success overseas because meet a lot of those special vehicles that we don’t get here. They make this list for their high durability because if you have to keep buying new suspension because it breaks then...that’s not a good value, is it?

Wrapping things up

Like we said earlier, the suspension brands that ended up being our favorites to use in this list do key things very well at a fair price-point. Sure, you can run out and buy the highest of end suspension if you so choose, but considering what your needs are you can save yourself a big chunk of money. On the flip side, you might find that spending a little more to get something that will last longer and provide the features you want will make you happier in the long run.

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