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The Best OEM Wheels EVER

February 21, 2020

This seems pretty counterproductive, doesn't it? An aftermarket wheel company talking about OEM wheels that we like?!

Well, it's happening so sit down and grab a snack as we dive into the best OEM wheels EVER!


1. 2018 Shelby GT350R

To start off the list, we have none other than the wheels that come standard on the Shelby GT350R.

Produced by Carbon Creations, the GT350R wheels are obviously carbon fiber and have a ceramic coating that is almost as hard as a diamond!

This coating was first developed for use on turbine blades in space shuttles.

That's right, the GT350R has....SPACE WHEELS!

The average OEM wheel weighs about 33 pounds, but the GT350R's wheel weighs only 18 pounds for a 19x11! Now that's a light wheel!


2. 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

One of the main reasons we picked this wheel is because of the center lock.

A center locking wheel doesn't have typical lug nuts like other wheels. Instead, it features a single lock in the center of the wheel.

This is common for race cars but extremely uncommon for street cars. The center lock reduces rotational weight making the wheel a lot more balanced.

This wheel also has a double bent 5 spoke design that offers a ton of space to see the massive brakes behind. 

When on the move, the wheel is actually hard to see. All you typically see are the brakes, and we're okay with that.

The GT3 RS wheels are one of the very few wheels that you would be scolded for replacing.


3. Ferrari F40

Oh yes. The F40.

One of the most legendary cars ever made also carries some of the best wheels ever made.

We are of course talking about the fatty 5 spoke multipiece wheels that came standard on the Ferrari F40.

These wheels paved the way for a lot of wheel styling that we still see today.


4. Nissan 370Z Nismo

The 370Z Nismo wheels were developed by Rays Engineering and are a beautiful 5 spoke design with split ends.

It gets even better.

The rear wheels are concave, giving the Nismo Z a wide look that is hard to beat. 

In the right setting, these wheels almost look aftermarket. That's why we love them so much.

These wheels have even found their way into the INFINITI G platform and they look pretty awesome on those too!


5. Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Try saying that 3 times fast.

All names aside, this high-performance Giulia has a very edgy, uniquely styled wheel.

We love when manufacturers think outside the box and create a completely unique wheel.

The Giulia's wheel features a 5 spoke circular design which is quite a sight to behold.

Companies like Rotiform have taken notice of Alfa's new wheel and show some inspiration from this car in particular.


This has been our favorite OEM wheels ever! We hope you enjoyed our list! 

Don't have one of these cars with amazing factory wheels? No Problem!

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