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Honda Civic Wheel Fitment Guide

Author: Sterling Feathers

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Sterling Feathers

Sterling was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has had a massive passion for cars since he could talk. He studied Business Administration at Ferris State University hoping to run his own car dealership one day. As time went on, Sterling began writing car reviews on his own website until he found his home with us as our first Copywriter! He loves everything about the car culture and was Vice President of the motorsports club during his time at Ferris. Sterling enjoys going to every car show and meet possible, attending autocross events, and going for long road cruises with other members in the car scene. He currently drives a 2016 Volkswagen GTI with a stage 2 tune, downpipe, BC Racing coilovers, and a set of Artisa ArtFormed Elders.

November 13, 2020


Do you have a 9th or 10th generation Civic?

Have you been looking at wheels you want but don't know what sizes to get?


Well, lucky for you, Fitment Industries has your back!


Today, we're going to talk about wheel specs that will fit your 2012-2017 Honda Civic!


* Some cars may require modification to fit the wheel sizes we talk about, depending on the suspension setup of the car.


9th Gen Civic10th Gen Civic


We'd love to cover all of the generations of Civic in one guide, but if you don't know, there are 10 generations of the Honda Civic and that is just too many to comprehend at once.


Let's start with the 9th gen Civic! This generation ranges from 2012 to 2015.


1. Common Sizes

We'll start off by saying the most common sizes of wheels that we see for this generation. 


The sizes range from 15 to 20-inch diameters and widths from 6 to 8 inches.


This is the guaranteed standard fitment range.


But here at Fitment Industries, we don't settle for standard!


2. 17 Wheels

9th Gen Civic 17 inch wheels9th Gen Civic Enkei RPF1

For the most part, people running a 17-inch diameter wheel are running either a 17x8 or a 17x9.


Now, these are not the only sizes that people are running but from what we've seen, they're the most common.


With a 17x8 wheel in this generation Honda Civics, you can get a flush or near flush set up running offsets from +45 to +35. As soon as you start to get below that +35 offset is when you start to see fender liners ripped out, fenders being rolled, fenders being pulled, and that wheel poke to start to happen just a little bit.


If you're wanting to go with a tuck setup with a 17x8 you're looking at offsets right around +40 and above, so +40 to +45 will be that range to get that tucked fitment.


When you go to a 17x9, just know at the very minimum you're gonna have to roll your fenders. With a 35 offset on a 17x9, you are right on that edge of flush and poke fitment. Right around this point is when we start people, starting to adjust their camber to pull that top in just a little bit to give themselves a little more room.


Anything with an offset below +35 with a 17x9, fender rolling, and pulling is a must.


And again, camber adjustment will most likely be needed. We do see people running a +25 and +22 offset with the 17x9 but they are running a good amount of camber and of course, they have extensive fender modifications.


Now, these are the sizes that we're seeing most of in our gallery so does that mean you're maxed out at 17x9, +35? Absolutely not. We have people out there running a 17x9.5+15 on their Honda Civic.


So is it possible? Yes.


3. 18 Wheels

9th Gen Civic 18 inch wheels9th gen Civic ESR

For 18 inch wheels, we're looking at widths of 8 and 9.5 inches being the most common.


With the introduction of the 9.5-inch wheels in the 18-inch diameter, a +40 offset will get you a nearly flush fitment instead of the +35 with the 17x9.


So anything lower than a +35 offset in an 18-inch wheel, you will start to see poke and the lower you go you'll start seeing more extensive fender modifications being done to your car.


So you can 18x9.5+10 as a tuck fitment but you're going to have to have more aftermarket suspension components to really dial in that camber to get that fitment


4. 19 Wheels

9th Gen Civic 19 inch wheels9th Gen Civic Avant Garde

Can you run 19's on your ninth gen Civic?


In short, yes. But you're limited to width and offset.


In general, we've found that 19x8+40 has been the magic recipe for 19-inch wheels on this generation


  • Tenth Gen Civic

The tenth-generation Civic consists of years from 2016 and up. Typical sizes for this generation are pretty much the same as the ninth gen.


We see a lot of 15-20 inch diameters, 6-8.5 inch widths, and 35-50 offset.


As we get into the tenth generation Civic we see a lot of similarities between the end of the ninth generation as far as what people are running for wheels.


We see again, people moving away from the 17-inch wheel, preferring the 18-inch wheel, and running wider widths.


9 and 9.5 have become the standard replacement for the 8 and 8.5-inch widths.


We still see them, people do run them, just not as common.


So for 17-inch wheels, we going to be looking at similar sizes as the previous generation again. 17x8+40, 17x9+35, and so on.


5. 18 Wheels

10th Gen Civic 18 inch wheels10th Gen Civic XXR

With the 18 inch wheels for this generation, we see a lot more people going with wider widths and lower offsets.


We see people running mostly 18x8.5 to a 18x9.5.


So starting off with a 18x8.5 inch wheel, we're looking at a +40 to a +35 offset that will give you that flush look without having to modify your fenders.


Anything lower than a +35, again you'll have to start pulling fenders, ripping fender liners out, it's yeah. And as far as 18x9.5 goes +38 and +35 are ganna be your most common sizes that are out there.


6. Larger Sizes

10 Gen Civic 19x9.510th Gen Civic ESR

See more Honda Civic photos in our gallery!

Now if you're looking at running larger sizes like 19-inch wheels or like 10 inch wide wheels, here we go.


We do see people running 18x10 with lower offsets around +21 and even 19x11+30


From what we have seen we notice that most people running these larger size wheels have strayed away from coilovers and lowering springs and have opted out for air suspension.


For obvious reasons.


7. Common Wheel Styles

As far as wheels go in terms of brands or style, we see a lot of people running like Enkei RPF1's or Enkei T6S's or anything from ESR or anything from XXR or anything from AVID1.


There are just so many different wheels for these cars out there that fit within these fitment ranges.


The Honda Civic is one of the most prominent cars in the scene today. So if you felt a bit overwhelmed when you first bought yours, we hope this guide helped ease some tension!



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