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Top 5 Car Mods

March 2, 2020

1. Brake Pads/Lines

It's obvious how important brakes are to your safety and your car's performance.

A new set of brake pads can make a huge difference in the performance.

Whether you want more safety for your daily driver or more performance for your track day, there are brake pads to suit your needs!

New ceramic pads will give you better stopping performance and quieter operation.

Semi-metallic pads will offer the most braking performance but they can be a bit noisy on day-to-day use and they produce more brake dust than ceramic pads.


Brake lines help push the fluid to your caliper.

OEM brake lines are made of a rubber compound that can flex and expand which will reduce the pressure of the fluid that reaches your caliper.

By upgrading to braided lines, you remove that flex and will notice more stopping power and better brake pedal feel.

Each of these upgrades typically cost around $100 and are well worth the small expense.


2. Short Throw Shifter

This one strictly applies to manual transmissions.

Upgrading to a short throw shifter does exactly what it says.

This decreases the throw between gears.

In other words, the distance you move the shifter between gears is reduced resulting in a notchy, quick gear change every time.

This is one of the most confidence-inspiring mods you can do to your car.

A short throw shifter will probably run you around $200.


3. Exhaust

This is arguably one of the most satisfying mods you'll ever do to your car.

Not only can it slightly increase power, but a good exhaust setup can also make your car sound absolutely magical.

Just make sure to do your research. Even if you spend $1500 on the best exhaust system for your car, it may not have the sound you're looking for.

From installing your exhaust to the first cold start, you'll be hooked on this mod for sure.

The pricing for exhaust systems varies greatly by car, you could spend anywhere from $500 to over $2000 sometimes.

Lexus ISFLexus ISF

4. Flash Tune

A flash tune can really wake your car up.

This is where you get something like a Cobb Accessport that has tunes loaded onto it.

The tunes will make sure your car will run in its optimum state.

Tunes are usually most effective on boosted cars but even NA cars with bolt-ons can expect a decent bump in power and throttle response.

These typically start around $500 and we bet you won't regret it.

Bagged SubaruBagged Subaru

5. Suspension

Bet you never saw this one coming!

All jokes aside, we definitely feel that suspension is one of the most important things you can do to your car.

We're specifically talking about coilovers.

We strongly believe that this should be the first mod you do to your car.

Coilovers allow you to get that nice drop you're looking for while getting a ton of performance benefits.

Coilovers can allow you to adjust dampening, ride height, and sometimes even camber.

Dollar for dollar, coilovers are worth it.

You can expect to see them range anywhere from $400 to over $2000 depending on the brand and the setup you're looking for!

Miata CoiloversMiata Coilovers

This has been our top 5 list of the best car mods. These focused on bang for your buck and we hope that this helped you decide what mods you'd like to do next!

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