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Is the Coronavirus Hurting the Car Part Industry

March 23, 2020

We are in a time of complete uncertainty. Stores are left with bare shelves, gas prices are low, and we're all told to stay at home as much as possible. But does all this uncertainty mean you should stop doing what you love and just wait it out? Absolutely not. Now, we could get into symptoms of the coronavirus or talk about the number of people affected by the pandemic, but we're neither doctors nor politicians. We're simply car enthusiasts who are here to tell you that everything is going to be okay.

People tend to look to the bad side of things and worry simply because it's easier to worry than to think of a positive outcome. So let's talk about some of the positives about what is going on.

Slammed BMW Z4Slammed BMW Z4

First, you have more time at home. This means more time to work on your car and build what you've always wanted. We know that most people are stocking up on toilet paper and beans rather than using their money for car parts, but we want you to know that just because we've had to change our lifestyle a little bit doesn't mean that you should have to put your happiness on the backburner. If you love your car, build it.

Is all of this chaos hurting the car industry? Possibly. Should it be? Absolutely not. Think of it like this:

We've experienced the Polar Vortex. We called that a Tuesday up here in Wisconsin, but the world paused then too. People stocked up on food in fears their doors would freeze or pipes would just implode and that would be the end. And then it wasn’t. It was an uncomfortable time throwing away all those bags of carrots, but the world moved on.

Focus RS Varrstoen ES2Focus RS Varrstoen ES2

Fear of the future is a hard thing to overcome, there are a lot of unknowns especially now. But if we look at the past, we've all had the strength to perservere through the tough times and continue with our normal lives. At times like this, sometimes we just need to sit back and take a deep breath. Relax. If you think that everything going on is going to stop you from indulging in your passion, we want you to talk to your inner self and know that we'll all get through this. Will it take some time? Probably. But we can't put our passions and dreams on hold and just sit still. Times like this need positivity and if building your car makes you happy and keeps you in a positive mindset, don't wait. Get those wheels you've been wanting, or the coilovers, tires, exhaust, tune, whatever it is!

If money is an issue, we understand and we have you covered! We work with Affirm to allow you to stretch your next car part purchase into monthly payments. Some people can even get as low as 0% APR on their purchases. Times where we're stuck inside a lot and most media is making us more worried every day, it's important to get up and go work on your car. Think of it as an escape from all of the uncertainty. You know that when you're building your car, that everything is in your control and that feeling is sometimes all you may need to get through these tough times. Moderating these feelings of worry with feelings of joy and pride can make all the difference.

Moderation is the key to ensuring that everyone; including your mom and pop shops, your tuners, your carbon fiber layers, and your favorite wheel, tire, and suspension companies don’t cry when they see people buying 160 cans of beans but not a cool tee or some tein coilovers...Besides, if the world's actually going to end, better off having a dope car for people to remember you by.

NSX Work MeisterNSX Work Meister

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