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Best Cars for Air Suspension

April 30, 2020

1. Infiniti G37/Q50

First on our list is the Infiniti G37/Q50 platform. These cars are wide and can pull off air suspension really really well. The coupes have a sleek, smooth body style that is well suited for wide wheels while the sedan is really wide and large and looks insane when it's dumped on the ground. There's nothing like a big-bodied luxury car on air with a set of multipiece wheels. The depreciation on the cars can hit pretty hard too making them affordable to get into. They offer solid performance and a nice interior, especially for the money.

Bagged Infiniti G37 IPLBagged Infiniti Q50

2. Volkswagen GTI

Next up is the Volkswagen GTI. We'd like to also mention the Jetta and CC in this too since it's pretty common to see almost any VW on air suspension. We'll highlight the GTI though since it's such a popular car. This small hatchback has the aggressive lines that pair really well with air suspension. These cars are most commonly found riding on Rotiforms or 3SDMs. In fact, if you don't see them running one of these two wheel brands, you may have found a unicorn. The GTI offers a really balanced platform with enough power to have some fun. Throw some wheels and bags on it and you'll have a comfortable daily driver that looks just as good at the grocery store as it does at a car meet.

Bagged MK7 GTIBagged MK7 GTI

3. Dodge Charger

Don't lie, you've Googled a bagged Charger before. There's something about a big ole' American boat dropped to the ground that is just so aggressive and beautiful. These cars don't need much to pull of a show stopping look. Throw some air suspension in, larger wheels, and some other small things like halo headlights and an exhaust and you have yourself on angry beast that will be breaking necks all day long. These are awesome cars. The HEMI V8 has all of the power you need, the newer interiors are really nice, and the looks on the outside are so muscular especially with bags.

Bagged ChargerBagged Charger

4. Audi A4 Avant

Who doesn't love a wagon? Cars like the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 series wagon combine the amazing driving experience that German cars offer while being pretty affordable and having tons of space. Plus, they're wagons which look absolutely incredible on air suspension. There's just something about wagon variants that are so special. These cars are perfect candidates for custom trunk setups since they have so much room. Wagons also seem to be more desirable and hold their value a little better than sedans. We can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want one. Just look at how nice they look on air!

Audi A4 Avant BaggedBagged A4 Avant

5. Subaru WRX

This one is for the haters. The Subaru WRX can look killer on air suspension and it's not uncommon to see. Purists often complain that you shouldn't bag a car that has rally heritage and let all of that performance go to waste. But just look at them! The WRX has a ton of aftermarket support, a bunch of different body styles, and of course the Subaru rumble from the boxer engine. These cars already have the widebody look which looks fantastic when paired with air suspension and new wheels. It's like the car was designed to be put on air suspension. Sorry rally lovers, they look so good on bags.

Bagged WRXBagged WRX

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