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Michelin Sport Cup 2 Review

April 20, 2020

We're sure you've heard of Michelin before. They've been around for a long time and have made some pretty incredible tires along the way. The Sport Cup 2 is no exception to this. If you're looking to get the most street-legal performance out of your tires, then these bad boys deserve a place on your car. This tire has been tested over and over again by Michelin and has become the pinnacle of high-performance tires. This is actually the last step before going to a full slick which would not be legal for road use. Let's dive deeper into what makes the Michelin Sport Cup 2 such an awesome tire.


1. The Technical Stuff

We'll start off with how the Sport Cup 2 is designed. This tire has two different compound types which give it an edge in its performance. The different compound is used in the exterior and interior portions of the tire tread. The outer tread will have a high molecular chain elastomer. That's a lot of words but basically it helps the tire wear less when on the track and allows the tire to maintain absurd amounts of dry grip in the corners. The interior part of the tread is a more rigid elastomer so it helps with steering response and driving control which is obviously what you'd be looking for if you're in the market for performance tires of this caliber. Finally, the Sport Cup 2 has a reinforced external shoulder which will help with the longevity of the tire.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2Audi RS7 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

2. Design

As expected from an ultra-high performance tire, the Michelin Sport Cup 2 has a very aggressive design. You'll notice huge tread patches making sure that there is plenty of contact with the road. There are three large grooves running down the center of the tire and then you have a few sets of sipes on the outer tread. One thing to notice is that the Sport Cup 2 does have a 20% deeper tread depth than its competition. The sidewall of this tire is really cool too. Michelin uses a special machining process for their sidewall design that they call the Michelin Velvet Sidewall.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2Tesla Model 3 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

3. Price

Now,this is very dependent on the size of the tires you want. Being that this is arguably the most extreme street-legal race tire you can get, prices are higher than your typical performance tire. The price for these starts around $1000 a set but our most popular size is a 305/30/ZR19 which will run about $1850. When you put into perspective the amount of research and testing that went into these tires, $1800 is a bargain for the performance you get. There's a reason that the record-breaking Porsche 918 Spyder used these tires on the Nurburgring. They're just that good.

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