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Is Raceland Any Good?

June 9, 2020

Today we talk about one of the most controversial suspension companies. Raceland.

Raceland designs a ton of different things from suspension to exhausts and hardware. However, they're most commonly known for their coilovers. Why? Well, because they're so cheap. Raceland coilovers usually run a few hundred dollars cheaper than their competition which has sparked a lot of interest and curiosity toward the brand. You'll hear so many people talk about how they must just be rebranded eBay coilovers or how they won't last very long because they're made poorly.  On the other end of the spectrum, you have people who love Raceland and it's usually because of one reason. Price. So, how do they have such low prices?

Raceland isn't a dealer-style business. Most aftermarket companies or manufacturers host dealers. Those dealers then take the products and market them out to the world, or international if they so choose, and that's how they sell it. So, the manufacturer sells them to the dealer, then the dealer raises pricing and then they sell it to the customer, that's you, for an increased price point. Raceland doesn't do that. In fact, they have absolutely no dealers. So, everything that you're buying from Raceland is directly from Raceland; they ship directly to the consumer. So, what that does is that cuts out the middle-man. Now, this is where it gets a little finicky because Raceland states that markup for dealers is about the same price as it costs the company to make it.

Forester XT Raceland CoiloversForester XT Raceland

So, if the suspension is $200, that the dealer's gonna mark that up another $200 and they're gonna sell that same coilover for $400, where Raceland would just be selling it for $200. Typically, the markup isn't that extreme. Most of the time, dealers raise pricing anywhere from 10% to 15% on suspension and with wheels and things like that, all of that stuff is at MAP, which is Minimally Advertised Price, and so I don't believe that it's $200 but it's a good play based on Raceland because it allows them to undercut their own potential competition and people have to go directly to Raceland. So, it works out great for everybody except for anyone that wants to be a dealer.

On top of that, Raceland claims that they're better supported and what that means is that their customer service is just better. You have less turn-around time, you have fewer problems with waiting with dealers to get information from manufacturers in terms of specs or spindle lengths and all that sort of crap and what that ultimately allows them to do is just give better service and that's something that Raceland does an absolutely incredible job, considering who they're selling to and the price point that they're at. You really wouldn't be able to match this. They do next-day shipping on a lot of their suspension components, if not two-day. A lot of customers on forums have raved about how incredible and Speedy Gonzales-style their service on shipping has been and top of that, people respond relatively quickly to Raceland. A lot of people that have concerns, they get answered pretty quickly.

From what we can tell, Raceland is a great company that has found a way to sell their products at a very affordable price and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not uncommon for people to hate on the cheaper brand because what comes to everyone's mind when something costs less than it's competition is that its quality is sub-par. This is the same reason companies like XXR get a ton of hate but you still see so many people rocking them.

Raceland 370zRaceland 370Z