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The Truth About BC Racing Suspension

January 2, 2020

So, the year is 1999 and the automotive industry is on fire (in a good way) and Taiwan was coming in as a cheap part supplier. A little company known as BC Racing ( Stands for Bor-Chuann) was founded at this time to fill this gap in the market. Today, we will be taking a look into BC racing, a little bit about their history and where they are today. Shop BC Racing Suspensions.


Cars from our gallery using BC Racing Suspension


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1 2013 370z Nissan Nismo Bc Racing Coilovers Aodhan Ds02 Chrome11 2010 Genesis Coupe Hyundai 20t Premium Bc Racing Coilovers Gmr Sf 2m White


Early days of BC Racing

In 2003, BC was able to group up enough money to able to release their very own product and so they released their BC Coilover Kit. It was an affordable coilover kit due to it being produced in Taiwan. A year later, this kit made its way into America which is where they really began taking off. From here they were getting really big, they started buying out the warehouse, shipping, and exporting companies so that they could ship their products out to more places around the world.


BC Racing Coilover Kit


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Powerhouse company = Suspensions + Wheels


By 2008 BC Racing was able to acquire up to $50 million in New Taiwan dollars which equals $1.8m USD. They were on top of the world, they were accredited with many awards at this time due to their ability to make excellent products and be a nice company to work for overall. In 2010 they launched their own forged wheel company called BC Forged which specializes in 2 piece wheels and later on, 3 piece wheels.


Controversy over BC Selling to Other Companies to White-Label


So, a lot of BC’s controversy comes from the fact that they are a private label company. What this means is that BC will sell their own products to another company. That company will then attach their brand to that product and sell it under that. The reason why this has a lot of people upset is that when you are buying a product from another company, you won’t know who actually made it in the end. There are reasons why a company would choose to private label from BC instead of building from scratch such as saving R&D for simpler parts but that’s a long story for another day.


BC Racing Today


Aside from all that controversial stuff, BC makes excellent coilovers that will provide you with a decent level of customization at an affordable price-point; they’ve gotten popular for a very good reason. Even though BC is only around 20 years old and so they aren’t very old yet, they still have been able to establish themselves among some of the legends. They came in at the right time in the industry. Another thing, BC’s North American division is very active in the car community. You’ll see them on forums, Facebook, Twitter, and all sorts of places interacting with people and being sort of the voice of the company overall.


If you are looking for a coilover kit for your build, it is absolutely worth checking out BC Racing for their selection. If you need wheels, they will provide those too!


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